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So, the other day I found out the big homie Stan Evans was living down the block right here in Bushwick. Damn thats weird, cuz I never met homie after years of shredding and probably being in the same building a couple million time’s in the past. We were chopping it up the other night & thougth maybe for those of you that don’t know dude, like i did’nt, we could have a little showcase of some of his photos from the last few years. Here are a few of my favorite. Enjoy.

– Descriptions by Stan


Zach Leach Pow Shot – Utah Backcountry – You would never know it from this photo but Zach is a guy who learned how to snowboard on the east coast. He used to dance on rails but after he moved to Utah he learned the wonders of powder. He’s one of the few snowboarders I know, that seems to get better with age.


Zach Leach Gap Shot – Wyoming Backcountry


Zach Leach Waxing Boards – Salt Lake City, UT

Gigi Ruf – Cliff – Brighton, UT – Gigi is one of my favorite snowboarders to watch. Simply because you never know what to expect. He has finesse and style but occasionally he opens a crazy can of whoop ass. Funny thing about this shot. The first hit he misjudged the take off and landed on some rocks. What’s even crazier is he went back up did it again and landed it.


Gigi Ruf – Floor – Salt Lake City, UT – Occasionally misjudging the consequences means paying the price. A rock ride gone wrong put Gigi out for a few days but luck and angels were watching over Christian.


Gretchen Bleiler Portrait – Miami, FL – Gretchen is one of my favorite snowboarders of all time. She loves snowboarding but yet even at the end of a long day, she always takes time to sign an autograph for a fan and say a kind word. While some people may rest on what they’ve done she’s always looking new ways to challenge herself and use here notoriety to bring light to things she truly cares about. Being around her makes you want to be a better human and this photo really captures her personality.


Gretchen Bleiler Method – Powder Mountain, UT She’s also got a savage method and is no slouch to freeriding.


Danny Kass Pillows – Utah Backcountry – It’s always fun taking pipe riders to new terrain. I’m always curious to see how they will interpret it something without 22 walls and a defined start and finish. Danny Kass smashing pillows.


Danny Kass Portraits – Utah Backcountry


Dan Brisse Gap – Salt Lake City – Where Urban Gaps began. Dan called me one night to shoot this bomb drop a few blocks from my house. The drop ended being a pretty sweet but Dan is pretty intense guy and is constantly trying to figure out what to do next? Half joking I pointed to a road gap at our left and said he could launch that next. Dan got a crazy look in his eye and all of a sudden I knew we were coming back. 2 days later some urban snowboarding history was made. I don’t think this gap has ever been done since, which is pretty rare in Utah.


Dan Brisse On Ground – Park City, UT – Sooner or later if you play with fire you are going to get burned. 270 on to 180 out gone wrong. The general public really has no idea how gnarly snowboarding is but I’ve had friends paralyzed and some die. Once you’ve seen those things up close it changes you.


Travis Rice Portrait – Jackson Hole, WY – The best thing to come out of Wyoming since those Cowboy Bumper sticker. Travis Rice is Jackson Hole.


Travis Rice Jump – Wyoming Backcountry – Do you want to live on the edge of insanity? Do you want to see passion unhinged? Do you want to see someone leap buildings in a single bound? Spend a day with Travis Rice.


Louie Vito Half Pipe _ Park City, UT – Lately Louie is my favorite snowboarder to shoot. He’s always on time, has a good attitude and keeps the crew laughing. He’s the funny little bro everyone wishes they had. He even taught me some sweet dance moves.


Louie Vito Portrait _ Salt Lake City, UT


JJ Thomas Pow Puff _ Utah Backcountry – This pillow popper of JJ is probably one of my favorite photo of all time. It’s not particularly dangerous or mindblowing but everyone who sees it and snowboards gets it. It’s that feeling of floating and the anticipation of landing in fresh pow. It’s magical.


JJ Thomas Portrait _ Salt Lake City, UT – JJ hates my portrait sessions. He’s always trying to wrap it up quickly and get out of there but the funny thing is we always end up getting a cool photo and after its all said and done he always asks when are we gonna take some more photos?


Shaun White Action – Park City, UT – Shaun is one of the gnarliest snowboarders alive period. Lately he has been blasting 1st hit methods in the 30ft range. What most people don’t realize is if he caught his toeside edge coming back into the pipe at that height he would most likely be dead. So really, every time he drops in and you get to watch it on X- Games or Dew Tour or Youtube he’s risking his neck. So haters show a little respect and remember snowboarding started as a way for individuals to express themselves however they wanted, not by telling others how they should be. For the record in 2013 I am hoping for more cheetah print pants, more smoke alarms and more black eye mugshots. At least homie is keeping it interesting.


Shaun White Portrait – New York City, NY

- December 20th 6:33pm est 2012 ad

NEW Stephen Marley :

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YouTube Preview Imagefrom : The Revelation pt.1 The Root of Life


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This is the latest project from a good friend, take a look guys & come for the release party if your around this weekend!

…It’s here! My feature on Andy Warhol’s Lost Screen Tests dropped online today, and is available on stands this Wednesday. Take a peek at what we’ve been working on over the past two months…” - MH

Relapse magazine’s Decades Issue: July/August 2012


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Tito Party

Turbulence – Notorious

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via the main dude Taj Hanson : peep his steez too :
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and mo’ shredding

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