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Orelsan – le Chant des Sirènes

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Orelsan is a funny french rapper, with a great flow and a lot of originality. He brings us back to the old school with this track. The video is awesome, the lirics and the gear really like if it was shot in the 90’s ! Look out for his second album “Le chant des sirènes” coming out september 26th.


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French hip-hop has his own identity since it’s the second most important rap scene after the US. Here’s the new video from one of France’ s finest MC, Seth Gueko. This guy is a punchline genius, very hardcore and hella funny at the same time. Enjoy !

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Snowboarding was cool in the 90’s

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In the 90’s, snowboarding was so cool that even hip-hop stars had some in their videos. Nowadays, they only have some skateboarding.


T.I. – I’m Back

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South rappers come and go, moving with new style, new fashion, new buzz. But T.I. always has new single with a  hook so efficient that you can’t resist it. Other good thing about T.I. is that he doesn’t wear some Ed Hardy or other douchebag clothes like some rappers do nowadays. So if having a swagger is wearing Christian Audigier shit, fuck swag ! Here is the last video from the King of the south.

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