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Grace Abbott stars in the new Bear Hands music video

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Bear Hands just released a new album titled Distraction. My girlfriend, Grace Abbott stars in the music video for their kick ass track “Peacekeeper.”

Click here.

Nice one babe!

Mountain Creek Snow Plow Luau & Pond Skim

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The end of the snow season must end with a party! Mountain Creek did it right this past weekend with their annual “Snow Plow Luau & Pond Skim” jam and even added an 80’s theme to the spice it up!

Prizes were awarded for best costume, best skim & best spill.

Mountain Creek has been an absolute blast to ride this season.  This summer make sure to hit up their incredible zip line tour and world class waterpark. Boom!376pondskim


IPOD article on The Standard Culture

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Iouri Podladtchikov flew back to the big apple  for a few days to kick it with the MILK crew, shoot some photos and skate the city after winning the Gold Medal in Sochi. Casey Kelbaugh tagged along to wrote this article on the champ for The Standard Culture.

IPOD hittin' the tranny at MILK

IPOD hittin' the tranny at MILK

Ipod’s Gold Medal Party @ MILK !!

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It was an epic night in NYC. Check out the full story on MILKMADE!





High Cascade Snowboard Camp @ Mountain Creek, NJ !!

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High Cascade, by far the raddest snowboard camp ever, has partnered with Mountain Creek to bring all the excitement, coaching and camp experience to New Jersey.  Several activities, workshops and clinics are available for riders of all abilities.  The terrain park is off the hook with tons of perfectly shaped jumps, boxes, handrails and a 1/2 pipe that will blow your mind.  It’s only 1 hour from New York City.  And get this: there’s an indoor skate bowl too!  So get dialed in with High Cascade. Who knows it could be you representin’  the USA in the 2018 Winter Olympic games in PyeongChang, South Korea!

Click here to find out which camp is right for you.


Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Contest @ Mountain Creek

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Look out February 15th for the Peanut Butter and Rail Contest at Mountain Creek sponsored by no other than Volcom.

It’s a free contest so there are no excuses to not get out there and get radical!

Top 5 places in each division will qualify for $15,000 Champs.


High Cascade Snowboard Camp @ Mountain Creek, New Jersey

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High Cascade Snowboard Camp has partnered with Mountain Creek so now you can get all the excitement and opportunity of Mount Hood in New Jersey! I used to work at High Cascade  and can confirm it’s the best place out there to get it done with a wide range of workshops and clinics offered the entire season. There is even an indoor skate bowl!

For more info click here!


Mountain Creek is going off!

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Just 2 days before 2014 kicked off we hit up Mountain Creek for a nighttime sesh.  Olympic medalist and all around rad guy, Danny Kass, grew up shredding this mountain so you know it’s the real deal!

The Terrain Park was going off with perfect fluid jumps & well constructed rails and the excitement was in the air.  This New Jersey snowboard park was voted #1 on the East Coast by Snow Magazine.

It’s just an hour away from Manhattan and is by far the place to get some air this winter.

And this weekend Burton presents “Party in the Park”


Brandon “Boner” Bonner Interview

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On his license, a medical marijuana card or even a police report his name would appear as Brandon Bonner. The skateboard industry knows him as Boner and he’s been shredding every handrail, gap, ledge and transition from Fredericksburg to Denver to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Mexico City with passion that Lizard King would back, no doubt.

What’s the best thing about living in Fredericksburg?

I would say that the best part about living in the town of Fredericksburg is that you have a lot of adventuring to do there are a lot of ins and outs about this joint

You just had your truck painted. What color did you go with?

I had my old whip painted Matt black all stealthy like n shit bumping them splines all day

Backside smith grind in Fredericksburg, VA.  Photo: Justin Reiff

Backside smith grind in Fredericksburg, VA. Photo: Justin Reiff

Take us through a typical day in your life.

A typical day in my life I will wake up next to my lovely girlfriend head on up and eat mad cookies to get the blood pumping then its off to get my skate on find some wild shit to get into

Who are your favorite rappers?

Juicy j nwa wu-tang clan fo sho

Natty Kon filming mission in Miami. Boner throws a pivot fakie in the deep end. Photo: Matt Roy

Natty Kon filming mission in Miami. Boner throws a pivot fakie in the deep end. Photo: Matt Roy

Who you skatin’ with mostly?

I skate with my homie Patrick Brastrom and just get down with all the homies at the skate park till the sun goes down

boner has mad steez.

boner has mad steez.

How was Mexico City? Was that your first time out of the country?

The Mexico tour with natural koncepts was an amazing experience I was very great full to see all the beautiful spots that the locals had to offer to us such amazing kids out there just ripping there hearts out! Gotta love it!

Fearless feeble grind in Fredericksburg.  Photo: Justin Reiff

Fearless feeble grind in Fredericksburg. Photo: Justin Reiff

Backlippin' for Boner is as easy as rollin' a blunt.  Photo: Justin Reiff

Penguin Pat gets down low for the footy while Boner stays high on the back lip. Photo: Justin Reiff

We were able to skate Miami together on a filming mission last December. Tell us about the trip.The backyard pool, etc. That was so rad skating with Danny, Paul & Koki.

The Mia get away was amazing just to get away from the nasty winter that the good old town had coming for us and just meeting amazingly talented skateboarders from all around the world and to have them be as stoked  to shred with them was sick deffenitly got a lot of homies I met up with there. And the gnarly outdoor hotel pool we got to shred was so dope we deffenitly seabed the hell out of that thing!

Tell us about Magic Bullet. It’s definitely one of the corest shops in the entire east coast.

Magic bullet is a really good locally provided shop that will for sure still be selling boards to the community for many more years to come witch in fact this last month was there 11 year anniversary so shot outs to mark Eyestone for keeping it real all these years!!

Backside flip.  Photo: Tim Snyder

After catching this backside flip I'm guessing Boner rolled up to Five Guys for a cheeseburger. Photo: Tim Snyder

boner fs 180

Natty Kon tour late night frontside 180 in the middle of Missouri. Photo: CMART

That Canadian Embassy ollie hit national news. How was that having the network drive from DC to Fredericksburg to interview you?

The interview at the local skate park that hit international was a little rediculous but very well out together everyone that was at brooks deffenitly seemed a little taken by it haha but very professional !

The NK video is dropping Spring 2014. I’ve seen your footage from a few of the last tours. How are you feeling about this part? You’re first NK part was off the hook!

I feel like my skills and diversity of my tricks might have changed a bit but I hope that I’m still bringing the pain enough to keep the Viewers as hyped as I will be about it!!

The first person in history to ollie the Canadian Embassy 21.. Congrats Boner.  Photo: Justin Reiff

The first person in history to ollie the Canadian Embassy 21.. Congrats Boner. Photo: Justin Reiff

Mexico City Melon grab.   Photo: CMART

Mexico City Melon grab. Photo: CMART

Ricardo Napoli Interview

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Ricardo Napoli started filming skateboarding early as a kid and has expanded his repertoire to include still photography over the past few years. He’s one of my favorite people to explore New York City with and get it done!

Tell me about the city you grew up in Brazil.

Im from Curitiba,Brazil.  It has 26 municipalities with a population of 3.2 million. It’s the 7th most populated city in the country. Curitiba is mostly inhabited by Brazilians of European descent and more then 40.000 japoneses.

The Curitiba skateboard scene is pretty good though,there is a couple outdoor skateparks and one really famous indoor park called Drop Dead.  They have a national contest each year. Rodrigo tx won it twice when he was a kid, Danny Cerezine and Fellipe Gustavo both won it in years past too.  Drop Dead Skatepark has helped so many skaters come up over the years.

Alex Carolino
akira. the bronx
akira. the bronx
Curitiba sounds rad.
It is. Most of the time I skated with Leandro Fischer,Rodrigo Petersen,Alex carolino and some other homies. Yeah miss those times for sure especially the homie Leandro who I haven’t seen him in a while.  He lives in Barcelona and skates with lots of Brazilian’s and others such as Jesus hernadez, Tom Penny and Javier Nunez.
When did you arrive in America or New York?

I moved to the US around 2002. I lived in NJ at first. Now I live in Manhattan.

Majors. frontside nosegrind. NYC

Majors. frontside nosegrind. NYC

Fellipe Gustavo. Los Angeles.

Fellipe Francisco. Los Angeles.

Who was the first skater you met in US?
I already had couples Brazilian friends living here in NY, but I met Anthony at hoboken skatepark. I actually don’t know his last name but he is such good skater.  He lives in Laguna beach,CA with Robert Brink from Ride Channel.  I also met “John Maxfish.” John and I were living in NJ, one night we came to NY to meet with Rodrigo Petersen and watch the listen video “Viajeros Lokos”.. it was this night I met the New York  legend  Rodney Torres. He’s the one who showed me around and introduced us to Max Fish and Sway!!

How do you feel about Max Fish moving to Brooklyn?

I’m bummed. I used to live a couple blocks away from the Fish and met so many rad people there, normally I worked/skate and hung out at the Max Fish.  It’s really sad that the LES is dying!! Max Fish was my second home. I had the best nights at the Fish. I’ll probably never hang out on Ludlow street again.

Jarrod Brandreth. Kickflip frontside board. NYC

Jarrod Brandreth. Kickflip frontside board. NYC

JP Dantas. Bluntslide Transfer. NYC

JP Dantas. Bluntslide Transfer. NYC

What’s the average day like now in NYC?

Go to Mud, grab a coffee and work as a photo assistant for some fashion photographer and if I’m not working I’ll go to the TF, skate some flat, link up with the homies and go from there.

It seems like you have skaters visiting from brazil like every other week. It’s wild. Often times when we link up to shoot there are homies from Brazil killing it. It’s awesome.

Yes dude pretty much, i have a lot friends from Brazil coming in the summer to skate and film.  The homie Rafael Gomes visits often cuz he rides for 5 Boro.  He has a sick part in their last video Join or Die. But yeah skaters are popping into NYC often from Brazil so I like to hook em up.

Fellipe Francisco.

Fellipe Francisco.

JZ. 50-50 grind. Bedstuy, Brooklyn
JZ. 50-50 grind. Bedstuy, Brooklyn

What skaters you mostly shooting from Brazil/NY these days?

From Brazil – Alex Carolino, JP Dantas,Rafael Gomes,Carlos Iqui, Carlos Ribeiro and Danny Cerezini. From New York – Jarrod Brandrenth, Akira Mowatt, Nolan Lee which is one of my favorite person to skate and shoot. He’s just a beast .. so much power and control in the board.  And you homie, we always end up skating really cool spots when I shoot with you bro.

Thanks Ricardo. You’re photos are sick. I find myself fully going for it when I’m skating with you bro.

I actually don’t shoot to many people from New York but would like too.   I recently I had an article published in this Brazilian magazine called Vista Art with DC Shoes (Brazil). It was like an article 10 photos from 10 days shooting in NYC.

I know you went to  california  last summer, tell us about that trip.

That trip was really fun. I was there for 2 weeks. The first 4 days I stayed at my friend’s house Mauricio Bozo and owner of Subspace skate shop in Costa Mesa. The rest of the trip at Rodrigo Petersen’s place and the homie Marcio Torreta’s pad in Echo Park. We would wake up in morning and skate the bowl at the Venice skatepark for a couple hours ..than drive  an hour to Orange County and meet the homies to skate the street spots if they weren’t coming to LA. At night  BBQ with all Brazilians homies and maybe go to Cha Cha lounge or Darkroom.

This trip I got to skate with all my brazilians homies and rippers Carlos Iqui and Carlos Ribeiro.  Both of these guys have serious pop and switch skills!  Watch out for these guys.

What’s up with the Reflection Editorial?

I recently had a reflection story published in Focus Magazine. I am working on this project with another Brazilian photographer Renato Custodio, he already made 1000 copies of his first reflection book and it exhibited in Brazil and Japan.  We are working  together on the second one and plan to do an exhibition in New York.


Nolan Lee. Frontside kickflip. Brooklyn, NY.

Nolan Lee. Frontside kickflip. Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks Ricardo. Any last words?
Thanks for this opportunity Josh. You’re the man and please keep it radical.  Nolan lee for all the good sessions and killer times, Whatit.be and the man behind it – Bradley Cushing,  all the brazilian homies for keeping it real and the New York locals.

Check out more of Ricardo’s work at ricardonapoli.com