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Kelly Williams

Interview Victim: Bobby Puleo

26 January 2011, 02.35 | Posted in Culture, Interviews, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Mr. Puleo’s site Victim Brand just posted an interesting Bobby Puleo interview conducted by Ricky Oyola. I like Ricky, and I think Puleo’s always had a really creative take on skating. Be forewarned there is a lot of lengthy grumbling in his responses, but you can draw your own conclusions from his interview. However, I will assertively raise a glass of Perrier to this statement, “A lot of people go and film their parts in far off places like China and Europe instead of trying to find their own shit in the places they actually live in or operate in. It seems like a lot of kids just simply don’t use their intellect or imaginations enough any more… There’s so many of the same types of dudes out there. These cookie cutter archetypes that look, dress and all skate the same..”

“Kids need to abandon these large, non skateboarder owned corporations and put their money back into skateboarder owned brands. That said, skateboarder owned brands need to start making better, more fashionable shit if they want to keep a stranglehold on an industry they built. They also need to start empowering their consumers to stay with them and educate them as to why it’s important to buy skateboarder owned shit.” Amen and read on.


Skatebook: Lance Mountain x Bart Simpson Issue

21 January 2011, 20.58 | Posted in Culture, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | 1 comment »

bart-simpson-leap-of-faithFew people know this, but shortly after Jamie Thomas attempted the Leap of Faith in 1996/1997, Bart Simpson went back to the same spot after watching the Chief attempt it in the debut Zero video Thrill Of It All.  Guess what: Bart didn’t stick it either. But at least he got the cover of the Lance Mountain Edition of Skatebook.  I highly recommend that you go to Skatebook.tv and get a copy for yourself.  The best part? Free shipping… and these things are thick! If you read as slow as me, it’s gonna take several months to get thru a single issue.

Pizza Dae: Broadcast Announces New Coorespondents

19 January 2011, 21.46 | Posted in Culture, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

Tim & Eric will now be skateboarding with Broadcast urethane. And if they aren’t kicked off the team by 12.12.12, they’re going to possibly release a full (short) video Pizza Dae on iTunes for only 12 cents! Unless they forget, which they probably will since that is like twenty years from now. We always appreciate the Roger Skateboards family. Check wiskate.com for more. Congratulations, gentlemen.

Broadcast Bergschrund 5 Panel Camp Hat

14 January 2011, 19.47 | Posted in Art & Design, Fashion & Footwear, Products, Project News, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off


This handsome cranium cap is the five panel Bergschrund Camp Hat by Broadcast. Lightweight ripstop canvas lid with adjustable strap and tonal logo embroidery. Available at El Mercado in Los Angeles.

Blinded By The Light: Video Days

11 January 2011, 23.30 | Posted in Culture, Project News, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | 1 comment »

Approximately 20 years ago, the Blind team got together with Spike Jonze and jumped into Gonz’s  boat of blue to film one of the raddest skateboarding videos ever captured on film. In less than a year, Jason Lee, Rudy Johnson, Jordan Richter, Mark Gonzales, and lil Guy Mariano recorded a 20 minute vid full of pure innovation. They were a motley bunch back then, and there miscellany of style is even more evident today. Skateboarder magazine presents the 20th Anniversary Family Reunion of Video Days by Blind Skateboards. Thanks for the mammaries.


Known Gallery: Olson & Olson

11 January 2011, 22.13 | Posted in Art & Design, Photography, Uncategorized | 1 comment »

This past weekend was the closing of the Boom Boom exhibit at Known Gallery on Fairfax. It was great catching up with everyone at the opening reception, and hopefully you got to see some photos of Steve Olson’s work.


Connor Getlaff Interviewed

11 January 2011, 21.45 | Posted in Interviews, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

This isn’t necessarily new, but there are probably many of you who haven’t checked it out yet. Just a little conversation with a great skater, Connor Getzlaff.