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Kelly Williams

UK’s John Tanner & The Original Game of SKATE

15 July 2011, 20.53 | Posted in Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

There’s a whole lot of accent marks in John Tanner’s list of sponsors: Cliché, éS, and Broadcást. Check the video for John Tanner discussing the classic Game of SKATE.

Who Is Bozo Texino? A Film by Bill Daniel

15 July 2011, 03.50 | Posted in Art & Design, Culture, Uncategorized | Comments Off

who-is-bozo-texinoWho Is Bozo Texino? I with that I could employ the tongue of LeVar Burton to introduce this film to you, but I was attending the Art In The Streets exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles when I discovered a ramshackle television set playing Bill Daniel’s documentary on boxcar graffiti (the very specific kind of moniker-writing from those of the hobo persuasion) and I couldn’t stop watching it. The intro states that “Who is Bozo Texino? is the picaresque chronicle of a 16-year search for the source of a ubiquitous rail graffiti – a simple sketch of a blank-staring character with an infinity-shaped hat and the scrawled moniker, ‘Bozo Texino’ – a drawing seen [by anyone who pays attention] on railcars for over 80 years.” Seriously interesting stuff (maybe I’m just a geek about this type of stuff), and the footage was filmed & archived over the course of many years. So righteous! Grab your knapsack, jump a train. Or at least order a copy of the entire video from BillDaniels.net.