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Kelly Williams

Stay On, Keep Up: The Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

14 October 2011, 01.23 | Posted in Culture, Products, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | 1 comment »


The very first skateboard that I ever stepped on was a mid-century Freeformer (color: blue) that my dad must have picked up at a thrift shop. I remember that it was really small, had a twin shape, and the wheels were distended with rusty, crownless bearings that caused the balls to constantly fall out when I practiced my own interpretation of abstract freestyle maneuvers on the small cement pad in my gravel driveway.
A few decades later, I opened a box postmarked from Stereo Skateboards containing this piece of better-functioning nostalgia and was shocked to discover that they even provided a free pair of sunglasses for improved leisure. I’ve been skating on the Vinyl Cruiser all week and it’s amazing. I don’t know how Clint Peterson rips so hard in the commercial for it, but that’s his job. Flexy, fast, and more fun than changing a poopy diaper, these Vinyl Cruisers are tops! And y’all better stay tuned because next week Ima give away an Armourdillo Belt & Wallet fo FREE!

1 comment
  1. Free sunglasses and an awesome retro style board? I’m sold. These boards are awesome and Clint Peterson is an animal on that thing, that kickflip was insane. Let me know whats up with that free belt and wallet I’ll take them both.