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Kelly Williams

Paul Smith for Rapha

09 June 2012, 02.58 | Posted in Art & Design, Cycling, Fashion & Footwear, Products, Uncategorized | Comments Off

paul-smith-X-raphapaul-smith-rapha-roadwearI’m not sure when this was released, but it’s freaking radical. Paul Smith collaborates with Rapha on this excellent excuse to ride in better style. From the photos I’m guessing it’s available in solid Rapha pink.

Blueprint in Cyprus

09 June 2012, 02.43 | Posted in Skateboarding, Uncategorized, Video | Comments Off

Here’s a recent edit of Paul Shier and the Blueprint family during a recent trip to Cyprus. Enjoy.

Déjà vu: Motel de Founex

09 June 2012, 02.35 | Posted in Art & Design, Culture, Music, Photography, Uncategorized | Comments Off

CURE-MOTEL-FOUNEXThis recent Radcollector post of les ruines du Motel de Founex reminded me of this. One of my favorite individuals (yes, still) gets photographed by Rich Bellia during a stay at the “Motel de Fou”. I deeply apologize for the randomness of this post, however I will not apologize for admitting to my lasting affinity for Robert Smith or the Cure. Adieu.

Rapha Summer 2012 Jerseys

09 June 2012, 02.17 | Posted in Art & Design, Cycling, Fashion & Footwear, Products, Uncategorized | Comments Off

rapha_club_jerseyI’m 50% positive that I have dual personality disorder. Today I’m going to be all copywriterish about some of the new product from Rapha. These gents continue to amaze with the functionality and fit of the new Club & Super Lightweight Jerseys. The qualifications for wearing one? You simply need to ride a bike and ride it fast. Ditch the speed chute you’ve been wearing and get one of the best jerseys available from the masters of minimalism and craftsmen of smart style (sounds like something from the J Peterman catalog). Available at Rapha.cc and other fine cycling retailers worldwide.