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Kelly Williams

Stay On, Keep Up: The Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

14 October 2011, 01.23 | Posted in Culture, Products, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | 1 comment »


The very first skateboard that I ever stepped on was a mid-century Freeformer (color: blue) that my dad must have picked up at a thrift shop. I remember that it was really small, had a twin shape, and the wheels were distended with rusty, crownless bearings that caused the balls to constantly fall out when I practiced my own interpretation of abstract freestyle maneuvers on the small cement pad in my gravel driveway.
A few decades later, I opened a box postmarked from Stereo Skateboards containing this piece of better-functioning nostalgia and was shocked to discover that they even provided a free pair of sunglasses for improved leisure. I’ve been skating on the Vinyl Cruiser all week and it’s amazing. I don’t know how Clint Peterson rips so hard in the commercial for it, but that’s his job. Flexy, fast, and more fun than changing a poopy diaper, these Vinyl Cruisers are tops! And y’all better stay tuned because next week Ima give away an Armourdillo Belt & Wallet fo FREE!