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Kelly Williams

Mark Ward is Far Out

18 July 2012, 22.42 | Posted in Art & Design, Culture, Uncategorized | Comments Off

MarkWard_FarOutIn conjunction with Stussy and Beach London, my good friend and exceptional artist Mark Ward is exhibiting new work during his solo show entitled Far Out.

The Press Release states, “As a child of the late 1980s, Mark was heavily influenced by the day-glo representations of exotic Americana that the TV beamed into his suburban south London home. In this pre-internet era, Mark was receiving snippets of game shows, skate videos, NFL coverage & commercials. The images he saw contrasted with the reality of his drab UK surroundings and set his imagination free. These elements created a wasteland of visual reference that, with the optimistic outlook of his childhood, Mark pieced together to create his own distorted Californian ideal. The path of adulthood has brought with it the mundane reality. The mythical sun scorched world Mark aspired to with galactic expectations has evaporated away, but while the realisation has set in that the world Mark yearned for doesn’t exist on this planet, the fascination with Americana has not left his consciousness. It must exist out there somewhere…

“This brand new body of work takes us on a journey to an alternate reality existing in a parallel universe – a visual feast depicting a far-off cosmos where glossy icons live in harmony with banal staples.

“The work is presented across a variety of media including paintings, sculpture and installation.”

PRIVATE VIEW: 9th August 6-9pm.
Show continues 9th-26th August
Beach London, 20 Chesire St, E2 6EH