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Kelly Williams

Jake Johnson Joins Brick Harbor

10 August 2012, 23.54 | Posted in Skateboarding, Uncategorized, Video | Comments Off

Brick Harbor has been busy assembling one of the most impressive shop teams in skateboarding. I mean, c’mon- Stevie Williams, Dennis Busenitz, Gino Iannucci, PJ Ladd, Jack Curtin, and Ishod Wair? Their most recently announced rider is Jake Johnson, check the video here.

Venture Goes Far & Wide, The 5.8’s Are In

10 December 2011, 22.09 | Posted in Culture, Products, Skateboarding, Uncategorized | Comments Off

venture-58-widesYou may recall that a while back I extolled Venture Trucks for their incredible history of supporting some of the most talented & iconic team riders in skateboarding. You can read the feature here.

Since that article and as a result of the dissolution of Street Corner Distribution, Venture has been brought into the fold at Deluxe, which is actually just a homecoming of sorts. After this partnership, Venture has made some rad changes- most notably [to me anyway] is the reintroduction of the 5.8 Wide Trucks. Because I ride a board in the 8.25-8.5 range, I have been bugging the folks at Venture periodically about the chances of them once again creating a wider truck- the same truck that guys like John Cardiel, Mike Carroll, and Gonz preferred in former times.

For anyone who shares my same sentiment, the true 5.8 Venture Wides are back. The stock bushings are pretty good, but I replaced them with a set of white Bones Medium bushings for slight awesomerness. Instead of believing me, I suggest you see them in action: in this video edit, Josh Matthews proves that they can grind, tre flip, and turn just like we remembered.

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