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Laura Austin

De Ja Vu

11 December 2009, 07.10 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 comments »

For most people driving across the country once is a pretty big feat. But within the past few months I’ve had to do it 3 times. I took a temporary job out in California over the summer and drove there from Vermont. After three months in CA I decided to head back to Vermont. Then a few months later I was offered a full time job from the same company in California so I took it and made the drive yet again. Here is the video from my first trip out. I made the drive by myself clocking about 15 hours a day.

  1. Sir Shredalot:

    by yourself?? Damn girl!!

  2. Michael Cohen:

    That was dope! i have done the trip once from NYC to Cali and Back and NYC to Durango Colorado about 4 times. Miss it, but don’t want to do it for a while. That video brought back some great memories. Thank you!

  3. george:

    Cool video! My main question is how you drove close to 3,000 miles for only $250.00?!?!? Hybrid?

  4. Haha nope. Not a hybrid. Just a Toyota Camry, those things get crazy gas mileage… and I was on cruise control most of the time, that helps too.

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