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Laura Austin

decent exposure: BLOTTO

30 April 2010, 05.06 | Posted in Decent Exposure, Interview, Photography | 3 comments »


My next guest needs no introduction… but I’ll give it to you anyway. Mr. Dean Blotto Gray is one of snowboarding’s most respected and established photographers out there. As Principal Photographer for Burton this guy spends his life on the road capturing images of some of the best riders in the game. Through basement jamz, bike missions, and time spent at homebase, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Blotto over the past few years and the guy oozes wisdom. One of my favorite aspects to his work is that in most of his shots, you can take out the rider and it would still be a piece of art that you would want to put on the wall… His attention to detail and how he uses the environment to enhance his shots is incredible. I could go on and on, but I am not the reason you are reading this, so without further ado… I give you Blotto.

Make sure you check out his blog here. Updated almost daily with high quality content.

Read the interview after the jump.

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COMUИE: Drop City

29 April 2010, 09.06 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »


On April 24th COMUИE launched Drop City with “Experiments in Occultism and Parapsychology”. Inside recycled steel shipping containers featured artwork by Corey Smith, Jason Lee Parry, Andrew Kuykendall, Jimmy Fontaine, Hunter Longe, Shelby Menzel, Nathan and Noah Rice, Ray Gordon, Noel Boyt, Danielle DaFoe, Keelan Shilling, Ben Brough and more…

Drinks were free, the food was free, and the visual stimulation was free…. and who doesn’t like free stuff? But if you weren’t dressed in head-to-toe black, you might have been considered an outcast at this event (half joking). Big thanks to Corey and the rest of COMUИE for hosting the party.

Great show… good times… more shots after the jump.

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Buoloco Interview

27 April 2010, 19.54 | Posted in Interview, Video | 1 comment »
http://www.vimeo.com/11240168Last week I did a post about Buoloco and the interviews they have been doing… and this week I happen to be in one. Eduardo Segovia has been doing interviews with people like Jeff Curtes, Ian Ruhter, Jeremy Jones, and Brad Kremer… how I fit in that mix? I don’t know. Check out my interview above and make sure you keep checking in on Buoloco for more interviews.

cityLife: Interview

26 April 2010, 19.50 | Posted in Fashion, Interview | 1 comment »


Canada based fashion/lifestyle blog cityLife recently asked me to do a quick interview with them for their site. They asked me about things like Crocs… projects I’m currently working on.. and some California based brands that I am into. I told them they could pull whatever picture of me that they wanted off my Facebook page…. of course they choose the most unflattering shot that I have. Awesome.

Check out the interview here.


24 April 2010, 02.44 | Posted in Random | 1 comment »


Click for a surprise.

Random: Get Up And Go

24 April 2010, 00.53 | Posted in Random, Video | 3 comments »

This is random… but I kinda like it. Directed by Jordan Clarke

Worth Checking Out: Buoloco.com

23 April 2010, 01.38 | Posted in Photography, Snowboarding, Video | No comments »

Screen shot 2010-04-22 at 4.05.25 PM

So I’m obviously not the only one interviewing photographers out there… Eduardo Segovia (and apparently Kevin Jones) have created this site Buoloco.com. Ed has been doing raw unedited video ichat interviews with some of the top filmers, photographers, and riders in snowboarding and a little skating as well. An interesting and very personal approach to doing interviews. Definitely worth checking out. Click the image above to see a recent one with Jeff Curtes.

Damn that was Quick: Dave England

20 April 2010, 21.26 | Posted in Random | 1 comment »


Went to “Get the Burger” in Big Bear after a day of riding… the people working there recognized Dave, asked him if they could take his picture… apparently they ran across the street and printed it while we were eating, because they came back 20 minutes later with it for him to sign. Amazing.

You may have seen Dave in situations such as this….

YouTube Preview Image

Tahoe Helltrack

20 April 2010, 00.15 | Posted in Snowboarding, Video | No comments »

This might be old news to some… but Russell Winfield just showed me this video today. I guess he is out in Tahoe taking on the Helltrack right now. The setup looks pretty fun/nuts. Thanks Russell for sharing the vid.

Spike Jonze: I’m Here

16 April 2010, 01.17 | Posted in Random, Video | No comments »

Spike Jonze never ceases to amaze me … you can watch his entire short film “I’m Here” online. Give it a watch.

And in case you haven’t seen his dance skills, you should probably check those out too….

YouTube Preview Image