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Laura Austin

Damn that was Quick: Dave England

20 April 2010, 21.26 | Posted in Random | 1 comment »


Went to “Get the Burger” in Big Bear after a day of riding… the people working there recognized Dave, asked him if they could take his picture… apparently they ran across the street and printed it while we were eating, because they came back 20 minutes later with it for him to sign. Amazing.

You may have seen Dave in situations such as this….

YouTube Preview Image

1 comment
  1. Dave and I back in 2001 went around ripping every ones sleeves off of there shirts they were wearing at the max fish bar in Whistler wasted on whiskey. No body survived that night! Not Kale, Devun, Duff except Marc Morriset cuz he had some pimp ass shirt on. Hahah.

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