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Laura Austin

The Results: Origami Hats

21 May 2010, 09.40 | Posted in How-To, Random | No comments »


I’m going to be honest with you… when I made this How To: Origami Hat post, I didn’t really think anyone would actually pull through and make the thing. But people did, and I’m stoked. Some even went to the extent of getting their mom buzzed to pose in their pictures (see above). Every time I received one of these shots in my e-mail, it seriously made my day. I’ll have to come up with some more how-to’s,  but for now check out the rest of the entries after the jump.


Kelsey Van Patten made hers colorful.


Jeff Holce liked it so much that he made some for his friends too.




Caroline Butterfield wanted me to give her photo credit to photobooth.



Sonexay Phianesana didn’t have much to say.


Wells Travis went above and beyond on this photo series with his mom as the model…. this is what he had to say:

“On the very rare occasion, I return to the Washington D.C area and visit my home. A place with little memories set out in the country where my mother and father live. When staying there, I really try to have personal activities so that we can reconnect. Seeing your post made me smile and I realized adding your activity with the usual joint ritual of gin & tonics and gardening with my mother was just to easy. Sally, my mom, owns her own medical staffing agency in D.C. It is a twenty-four hour job and is anything but funny. So what better than an origami hat and a cocktail to cheer someone up after a long day. Cheers!”

Happy I could contribute to some family bonding.




Thanks to everyone who sent in shots. Honestly made my day. Hopefully more of these to come.

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