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Laura Austin

Photo Project: Shot and Shared

28 June 2010, 09.53 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »


So not too long ago I started up this photo project called Shot and Shared. At the end of the winter, my friend Liam Gallagher asked me if I wanted to do a photo swap with him over the summer because he was missing Southern California and wanted to see photos from my summer experiences. The idea clicked and I ran with it. I decided I definitely wanted to do it, but on a much larger scale. So Liam and  I invited a bunch of photographers to get in on it. There are about 35 photographers involved, most of them related to snowboarding. About every other week we are sending photos from our summer via snail mail. The project runs from Memorial day to Labor Day, and at the end each person will end up with an amazing and diverse collection of photos. The plan is to bring all the photos together in the end and create a book and/or artshow. Liam put together a blog where we have all been posting shots from past summers or shots that we aren’t mailing from this summer. Keep an eye on it, people tend to post stuff daily. I have also been putting up a profile or two a week of different people involved in the project.

Check out my Buoloco interview about the project after the jump.


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