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Laura Austin

Arcade Fire: Los Angeles

09 October 2010, 08.01 | Posted in Music, Photography | 1 comment »

Arcade Fire Laura Austin 06

Thursday October, 7th 7:30 PM- I’m relaxing at home watching a movie under the impression I’m going to have a mellow night to myself.
Thursday October, 7th 7:40 PM- I’m in my car in a mad dash towards LA to make it to an Arcade Fire show.

The other night my friend Adam called me up last second letting me know he had an extra photo pass to the Arcade Fire show at the Shrine Theater in Los Angeles. Considering this was a show that sold out in a matter of minutes, and I had the opportunity for a free pass to see it front and center I couldn’t say no. You only live once right? Arcade Fire put on an amazing live show, if you ever have the opportunity to see them live… do it. More photos after the jump.

Arcade Fire Laura Austin 02

I always love shooting photos at concerts. Sure it isn’t that glamorous, but normally at shows the light is always changing and moving. Keeps you on your toes when you are using manual settings and can make for some interesting shots.

Arcade Fire Laura Austin 01

Arcade Fire Laura Austin 05

Arcade Fire Laura Austin 04

Arcade Fire Laura Austin 03

Arcade Fire Laura Austin 07

Their encore song was one of my favorites… “Wake Up”. The amount of energy they had on stage during that song was incredible. Sooo good live. Listen to the song below

YouTube Preview Image

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