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Laura Austin

Back East: First Turns at Killington

12 November 2010, 17.06 | Posted in Photography, Snowboarding | No comments »

Killington Laura Austin 01

I’ve spent the past week in Vermont, taking a little break from SoCal life to visit some friends and family. Definitely nice to be back on the East Coast for a bit. When I got out here a friend mentioned that Killington had just opened. I didn’t have any snowboard stuff on me except for a jacket… but I decided to make do with what I could round up so I could get my first turns of the season in. Check out the full post from the day on SNOWBOARDERmag.com

Buoloco Interview: Personalities in Snowboarding

10 November 2010, 07.56 | Posted in Interview, Snowboarding, Video | No comments »

It’s been a bit since I have done a Buoloco interview, but the other day I sat down and talked to Ed Segovia for a long time about all sorts of things going on in snowboarding. Here is one of the chapters he just put up about what I had to say about the lack of personality in snowboarding these days. Maybe it’s that the newer generation lacks personality, they are scared to show it, or maybe the companies just aren’t concerned with promoting what personality riders may have? It could be all of the above.


04 November 2010, 06.24 | Posted in Video | No comments »


The Forgotten/Unforgettable Night

03 November 2010, 06.07 | Posted in Photography, Snowboarding | 1 comment »
Laura Austin TWS 11

I was just going through some photos from this summer and stumbled upon this gem. How could I forget I had these?! This was the night of Transworld’s “In Color” premiere as well as one of the most extravagant and entertaining drunken rampages I have ever witnessed, courtesy of Hayden Rensch. I might not normally publicize such a thing, but since there have already been videos put out, I couldn’t resist. More photos from the night after the jump. Pre party in black and white… “Hayden Goes To a Party” photo version in color.

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01 November 2010, 02.29 | Posted in Skateboarding, Video | No comments »

Pretty cool to see what skateboarding can do for people, definitely puts your own life in perspective. Video by: Orlando Von Einsiedel.