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Laura Austin

The Forgotten/Unforgettable Night

03 November 2010, 06.07 | Posted in Photography, Snowboarding | 1 comment »
Laura Austin TWS 11

I was just going through some photos from this summer and stumbled upon this gem. How could I forget I had these?! This was the night of Transworld’s “In Color” premiere as well as one of the most extravagant and entertaining drunken rampages I have ever witnessed, courtesy of Hayden Rensch. I might not normally publicize such a thing, but since there have already been videos put out, I couldn’t resist. More photos from the night after the jump. Pre party in black and white… “Hayden Goes To a Party” photo version in color.

Laura Austin TWS 01

Laura Austin TWS 02

Laura Austin TWS 03

Java won a Go-Kart race. These results are probably framed and hanging on his wall.

Laura Austin TWS 04

Laura Austin TWS 05

This is probably against company policy… Adam Hawes and TWS intern Sarah Eyk.

Laura Austin TWS 06

Laura Austin TWS 07

If Jussi wasn’t there… Hayden might have not made it out alive that night.

Laura Austin TWS 08

Laura Austin TWS 09

Laura Austin TWS 10

A bad angle of Jack hitting Hayden in the head with a guitar.

Laura Austin TWS 11

Laura Austin TWS 12

Laura Austin TWS 19

Laura Austin TWS 20

Laura Austin TWS 15

Laura Austin TWS 16

Laura Austin TWS 17

Some people might argue that this is the best photo I have ever taken.

Laura Austin TWS 18

I just wanted to post this photo in case anyone is missing a cat, I found him hanging out on the steps with Java. He seems friendly, and responds to the name Garfield.


Keegan’s Edit from the night.

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