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Laura Austin

Goldcoast: Boards With Wheels

09 December 2010, 10.01 | Posted in Photography, Skateboarding | No comments »

Goldcoast Longboards

Alright, alright…. so longboards aren’t exactly my style, but I stumbled upon this company Goldcoast that may have changed my opinion. I started to learn a little more about them and they aren’t the hippie stereotype that you would tend to associate longboards with. What caught my attention was their focus on photography, all of the photos they use to promote their brand are shot on film. Then I got to try out a few of their boards and loved them. I’m used to riding your normal skateboard with tiny wheels… but when you want to just cruise, a board with bigger wheels makes sense. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Eventually I am going to shoot some of my own photos using their boards, but until I find the time….here are a few photos I pulled from their flickr stream.

Goldcoast 2

Goadcoast 3

Goldcoast 4

Goldcoast 5

Goldcoast 6

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