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Laura Austin

Z-Trip In Exotic City: Like A Kid In A Candy Store

24 February 2011, 07.42 | Posted in Music, Photography, Travel | 4 comments »

Laura Austin Z Trip 01

Z-Trip taking in some of what Exotic City Empire had to offer.

Going on a road trip without a destination can be either the stupidest thing you have ever done, or the most amazing. Well last weekend my friend Zach aka DJ Z-Trip and I went on a little mission a bit outside of Los Angeles without much of a sense of where we were going or what we were doing. The day before we heard that it was going to dump at Mt. Baldy, so we drove up there to go ride, got to the parking lot… and there was barely any snow. This adventure was an attempt to make up for that. Check out the rest of the story and photos after the jump.

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Rhythm presents CAMM with “MY PET SADDLE” & “TOMORROWS TULIPS” Live

20 February 2011, 06.37 | Posted in Party, Photography | 15 comments »


February 22nd will be the first time I have displayed my work outside of the internet or a highschool art show. Without boring you with details, if you live anywhere near Costa Mesa, California come to Mesa for drinks, live music, maybe some interesting things to look at on the walls, and if you are lucky you might even meet some interesting people. To RSVP and get more details check out the event page.

Big thanks to RHYTHM for hosting the night.

Can You Kickflip?: Female Skate Documentary

10 February 2011, 07.59 | Posted in Skateboarding, Video | No comments »

Cool little documentary about female skateboarders made by former pro skater Alex White. Lot’s of respect for these ladies.

A Take Away Show: Local Natives

09 February 2011, 01.08 | Posted in Music, Video | No comments »

This is rad. Local Natives performs an alternate version of “Who Knows Who Cares” near the Palais Royal in France for an exclusive taping with La Blogotheque. Found it thanks to The Nice Life.

Yelawolf & Z-Trip in Aspen

05 February 2011, 09.24 | Posted in Party, Photography, Snowboarding | No comments »

Belly Up _42

Last week was one of the craziest/longest weeks I have had in a very long time. Between the SIA Tradeshow, the XGames, and the Onsnow Demo I barely had time to breathe. But of course intermixed with work, there was partying… this is after all the snowboard industry. One night in Aspen the forces behind Radcollector and Frank151 came together to throw Louie Vito a party at the Belly Up in Aspen featuring Yelawolf and DJ Z-Trip. This ended up being one of the best nights of my whole escapade. Stay tuned for an edit of the whole thing that should be dropping on Radcollector soon. But for now check out more of my photos from the night after the jump.

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