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Radcollector.com: Columns | Laura Austin | 2011 | September

Laura Austin

Want Of The Week: Recover iPhone Case

21 September 2011, 08.33 | Posted in Product, Want Of The Week | No comments »


The next “Want Of The Week” is something I actually already have, but so many people have picked up my phone asking about it, I figured I would pass it along to you. This Portland-based brand “Recover” puts out these iPhone “skins” made out of real wood which is hand sanded, stained, and lacquered which adheres to the front and back of your iPhone… making it look like your phone is made of wood. And they are a mere $25 bucks. I highly recommend them, you can get your own Recover skin in many different wood grains at their online store.

cory grove

The case on my phone. Photo: Cory Grove

Move. Learn. Eat: Videos About Travel

14 September 2011, 00.41 | Posted in Travel, Video | 2 comments »

I’ve been traveling a lot lately so this series of videos struck a cord with me. 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food. Give them all a watch, very well done. Makes me want to throw my life into a backpack and hop on a plane.

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Want Of The Week: Poler Tent

12 September 2011, 20.55 | Posted in Want Of The Week | No comments »


I can’t lie… I have definitely been slacking on my Radcollector column lately. In an attempt to bring back at least some life I am implementing “Want Of The Week”. An easy way to highlight stuff I think deserves a look from all you people. Up first is a brand by the name “Poler”, based out of Portland, OR. In my opinion they are hitting an untapped market in the snowboarding/action sports world…. camping equipment. Not only do they make highly functional camping gear, their overall brand aesthetic is spot on. And for being a relatively new company, they already have a solid line-up on their snow and skate teams. To get your hands on a tent go to polerstuff.com and keep your eyes out for tons of new gear that they will be dropping soon.

poler 2

Behind Holden Outerwear

08 September 2011, 19.32 | Posted in Fashion, Snowboarding | No comments »

Holden… doing things right. Good people, making good stuff. Check out their product at holdenouterwear.com

Blotto Photto Show: Burlington

03 September 2011, 19.50 | Posted in Photography | No comments »

Blotto Poster

My long time homie and all around awesome guy, Dean Blotto Gray, otherwise known as just straight “Blotto” has a show coming up in Burlington, VT on September 9th as part of the annual Art Hop… so if you are in the area I highly recommend checking it out. It will be located in the new hot spot on the bottom floor of JDK studios called “Maglianero Cafe“. As a senior photographer at Burton Snowboards, Blotto is best known for his shots from the snow world, but this show “Derailleur The Conventional” will be showcasing some amazing cycling shots. Don’t sleep on this, check it out… I would if I could.

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