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Radcollector.com: Columns | Laura Austin | 2012 | January

Laura Austin

Thomas Campbell X Standard Hotel

23 January 2012, 22.07 | Posted in Art, Skateboarding, Video | No comments »

I have always admired Thomas Campbell’s work. But the last line of this video from The Standard Hotel really struck a cord with me. “Are you having fun?!” Something I think anyone trying to pursue a career should think about.

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits & Counting

18 January 2012, 21.04 | Posted in Photography, Video | 1 comment »

I’m surprised I am just now stumbling upon Jeff Harris’ work. What started as a New Year’s Resolution of writing in a journal, turned into shooting a photo of himself everyday with a Olympus Stylus 35mm film camera… a visual journal if you will. Pretty amazing way to force you to do something interesting everyday and get creative with the photos you take. Jeff is an inspiration not only as a photographer, but as a human. You can see more of this project on jeffharris.org

Jeff Harris

Wes Anderson: Moonrise Kingdom

16 January 2012, 03.09 | Posted in Video | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

It’s true… Wes Anderson is coming out with a new movie “Moonrise Kingom”. The trailer looks pretty incredible. See for yourself.