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Laura Austin

You Have Got To Be Kidding: iPhone Rangefinder

29 February 2012, 22.19 | Posted in Photography, Product, You Have Got to Be Kidding | No comments »


I used to be opposed to “iPhone Photography” before I actually owned an iPhone. I thought it made the whole photo process from shooting, to editing, to sharing way too easy. Now I am a fan, mainly because of Instagram… it is addicting. But recently while scrolling through my Tumblr I stumbled upon this iPhone Rangefinder case. I hate to hate… but there is a certain point where you should just give in and buy an actual camera. If you need to spend $100 on a case to make your phone look like an old school camera, that is a bit over the top.

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The case is complete with a viewfinder, shutter button, and tripod mount… you can also get magnetic lenses to put over the actual iPhone camera. The “lens” on the case doesn’t actually function as a lens. I will admit, they did a good job with it, it looks nice. But the whole idea of having this case to make people think you are shooting with an actual camera is a bit much for me. Granted, if I saw someone with it I would probably think it was interesting and want to play with it. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you actually want to buy one of these things you can do so on Photojojo.





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