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Laura Austin

Flat425: A Peek At Chad Muska’s “Deconstructionism”

19 July 2012, 07.32 | Posted in Art, Skateboarding | 3 comments »

Muska Gallery LA 10

The other night I had the chance to get a sneak peek at Chad Muska’s new Los Angeles art space, Flat425, which is currently functioning as Muska’s studio and a showcase for his latest body of work titled “Deconstructionism”. As the name suggests, all the pieces are based around breaking down materials and reconstructing them to create something new. Which seems to reflect what Muska is going through in his own life. For example one of the pieces is six months worth of shredded information dumped on a canvas and soaked in resin. It is a work in progress in which new pieces are constantly being added, and well… probably destroyed. If you happen to be in the LA area and would like to take a look for yourself you can make an appointment at info@flat425.com. To keep track of what is currently happening inside the studio you can check out the Flat425 Facebook page or Chad Muska’s page.

More photos after the jump…

Muska Gallery LA 11

Muska Gallery LA 07

Muska Gallery LA 02

Muska Gallery LA 05

Muska Gallery LA 08

Muska Gallery LA 13

Muska Gallery LA 15

Muska Gallery LA 04

Muska Gallery LA 06

Muska Gallery LA 09

Muska Gallery LA 14

Caleb Barton, Andrew Kuykendall, Chad Muska and Jason Lee Parry

  1. Good looks. I’ll be in the area and will be sure to check it out.
    “Shit aint that hard”
    -Menace 2 Society-

  2. [...] #deconstructionism that ones for you Muska! [...]

  3. [...] #deconstructionism that ones for you Muska! [...]

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