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Laura Austin

Everyone’s A Photographer: Opening Party Recap

06 November 2012, 11.25 | Posted in Art, Party, Photography | No comments »

Lomo Event LA 29

Full house at Lomography’s space right on Santa Monica Blvd.

Friday, November 2nd I had the privilege of hosting a group photo show titled “Everyone’s A Photographer” at the Lomography Gallery Store in Los Angeles as the winner of their “Win Your Dream Space” competition. Long story short, Lomography offered up their different gallery stores all over the world to whoever came up with the best idea how to utilize each space for an entire month. And I was lucky enough to win their LA location with this photo show I dreamed up involving a group of California-based friends that I have personally been influenced by creatively.

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Lomo Event LA 01

The calm before the storm.

I put a Lomography camera of each person’s choice in the hands of Chad Muska, Corey Smith, Jared Eberhardt, Jeremy & Claire Weiss, Natas Kaupas, Ian Ruhter, Danny Zapalac, & Jason Lee Parry and gave them a month to shoot a roll of film and come up with 5 photos to be displayed in the show. After that month of planning, taking photos, scrambling, and promoting, the whole project came to life Friday night with a packed opening party which around 400 people attended.

Lomo Event LA 09

Muska has a posse.

I think the coolest part of this project is the diverse cross-section of talented people who were willing to be involved. I thought it would be interesting to have a photo show featuring not only photographers, but creatives in general from skate legends, to directors, to painters, etc. The result was an eclectic group of photos that had the ability to appeal to a wider audience, and this was evident by the people from all walks of life in attendance at Friday’s event. Nothing is more rewarding than to dump all your time and energy into making a project happen then be able to sit back and watch other people take it in and enjoy it.

Lomo Amanda2

Photo: Amanda Shank

But the project isn’t over yet. The show will be up in the Lomography store throughout the month of November, but the catch is that everyone has a chance to contribute. If you come in, buy a Lomography camera, or use one you already own you can submit your photos to be hung in a contributor space I have set up for the public in the gallery. Your photos will also be in consideration for the book I will be putting together over the course of the month. Don’t live in the LA area? Submit your photos on my Facebook page to be featured in recaps throughout the event. Just remember… all photos need to be shot on a Lomography camera.

Lomo Event LA 07

Contributors Ian Ruhter & Danny Zapalac and his son Merric.

Huge thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon, Peligroso Tequila, and O.N.E. Coconut Water for supplying drinks for the event… DJ’s Aaron Castle and Nina Tarr for spinning throughout the night… Morgan Pharoh, Vivianne Lapointe, and Gus Cawley for helping with production… all the photographers involved for getting photos ready despite the crazy deadline… and of course Lomography for giving me the opportunity to use their space to host the event. And if you missed this party, keep your eyes peeled for the closing party on November 29th.

Lomo Amanda6

A lot of people were intrigued by Ian Ruhter’s photos he created by converting a Holga to shoot wet plates. Photo: Amanda Shank

Lomo Amanda5

Contributor Jason Lee Parry (center) & crew. Photo: Amanda Shank

Lomo Event LA 10

The lovely Ms. Nina Tarr spun for the second half of the night.

Lomo Event LA 20

They kept the store on the bottom level of the store open so that people could still check out & purchase the Lomography cameras.

Lomo Amanda1

Hanging 45 photos on a limited wall space was not an easy task. Photo: Amanda Shank

Lomo Event LA 03

Lomo Event LA 15

Morgan Pharoh (far right) & some fancy friends.

Lomo Bywater1

Pictures of pictures of pictures. Photo: Chris Bywater

Lomo Event LA 08

Douglas Olsen from Transworld Snowboarding, Eddie Wall, & Gio Cianci

Lomo Amanda3

Mmmm… Coconut Water. Photo: Amanda Shank

Lomo Amanda4

Muska made little stickers of some of his prints to give out at the show. This guy was a lucky recipient of one. Photo: Amanda Shank

Lomo Event LA 25

Lauren Hastings & Jenny Parry finishing off the show and their beers with this shotgun.

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