Laura Austin

Eterea Magazine Interview

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Laura Austin

I recently did an interview with rad Peru-based online magazine ETEREA. But since most of you probably don’t speak Spanish I figured I would post the English translation here. However if you happen to be an over-achiever and bilingual you can read the original version here and poke around the rest of the site while you’re at it… they post some cool content on there. -Laura

Read the interview after the jump.

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Videograss Open Shutter: Andy Wright

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Andy Wright is an amazing human/photographer…. Videograss is an amazing maker of videos. Together they make beautiful artistic babies.

Video: Justin Meyer

Buoloco Interview: Videograss

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Here is another chapter from when I sat down with Ed from Buoloco to shoot the shit about things in the snowboard world. In case you didn’t know, Videograss recently added a whole other dimension to what they have going on. More about that in the video below… But in this chapter I talked to Ed about the changes they have made to their crew. Can’t wait to see what those guys come out with next year.

Buoloco Interview: Personalities in Snowboarding

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It’s been a bit since I have done a Buoloco interview, but the other day I sat down and talked to Ed Segovia for a long time about all sorts of things going on in snowboarding. Here is one of the chapters he just put up about what I had to say about the lack of personality in snowboarding these days. Maybe it’s that the newer generation lacks personality, they are scared to show it, or maybe the companies just aren’t concerned with promoting what personality riders may have? It could be all of the above.

Radcollector Interview

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24180_1242049582299_1561110025_30538596_2439679_nIn case you didn’t know, not too long ago I started a new job working for SNOWBOARDER Magazine as their Online Editor (which is why my posts have been less frequent on here lately, that will change). A few weeks ago Radcollector Editor, Tim Brodhagen, did an interview with me about my new gig. Check it out here.

Buoloco: Benedek & LeBlanc

14 May 2010, 11.59 | Posted in Interview, Snowboarding, Video | 2 comments »

Ed over at Buoloco has been busting out more and more interviews with some of the greats in snowboarding. At least I find them interesting. Above is the one and only David Benedek, if you consider yourself a snowboarder and don’t know who he is then you better pick up the Robot Food movies. In his interview above he had some interesting things to say about kids following trends. Then below is Mikey LeBlanc, the man that needs no introduction. This was a short and sweet interview about what he thinks it means to be “core”. He gave one of the most original/honest answers I have heard in response to that question. I have a feeling I am going to have to answer that same question soon. So, what you think it means to be “core”?

Buoloco: Web vs Print

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So I recently did another interview with Ed over at Buoloco about how the shift in focus from print to web is affecting people. This was a 3 part interview and in this first chapter I specifically talked about how it is affecting photography. I’m not sure how many of you want to listen to me ramble for 9 minutes, but if this is of interest to you then check it out haha.

decent exposure: BLOTTO

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My next guest needs no introduction… but I’ll give it to you anyway. Mr. Dean Blotto Gray is one of snowboarding’s most respected and established photographers out there. As Principal Photographer for Burton this guy spends his life on the road capturing images of some of the best riders in the game. Through basement jamz, bike missions, and time spent at homebase, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Blotto over the past few years and the guy oozes wisdom. One of my favorite aspects to his work is that in most of his shots, you can take out the rider and it would still be a piece of art that you would want to put on the wall… His attention to detail and how he uses the environment to enhance his shots is incredible. I could go on and on, but I am not the reason you are reading this, so without further ado… I give you Blotto.

Make sure you check out his blog here. Updated almost daily with high quality content.

Read the interview after the jump.

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Buoloco Interview

27 April 2010, 19.54 | Posted in Interview, Video | 1 comment » week I did a post about Buoloco and the interviews they have been doing… and this week I happen to be in one. Eduardo Segovia has been doing interviews with people like Jeff Curtes, Ian Ruhter, Jeremy Jones, and Brad Kremer… how I fit in that mix? I don’t know. Check out my interview above and make sure you keep checking in on Buoloco for more interviews.

cityLife: Interview

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Canada based fashion/lifestyle blog cityLife recently asked me to do a quick interview with them for their site. They asked me about things like Crocs… projects I’m currently working on.. and some California based brands that I am into. I told them they could pull whatever picture of me that they wanted off my Facebook page…. of course they choose the most unflattering shot that I have. Awesome.

Check out the interview here.