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Laura Austin

JBL Launches Synchros S700 Headphone

06 November 2013, 05.58 | Posted in Event, Music, Product | No comments »

JBL Laura Austin 23

Last week I made my way over to the W Hotel for the kickoff of JBL’s “Dare To Listen” series and the launch party of their latest and greatest headphone, the Synchros S700. Aside from enjoying this party hosted by producer Jermaine Dupri on the rooftop of one of Hollywood’s iconic hotels… I was able to get my hands on and learn more about the reason why we were all there… the headphones. Without going into too much technical jargon these headphones feature JBL’s new LiveStage™ digital signal processing technology, resulting in a sound that that is more true to life giving you a sense of spatial presence. If even that was too technical for you I’ll just leave it at they are damn nice headphones. They just released them to the public and you can grab yourself a pair right here. See more of my photos from the event after the jump.

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Want Of The Week: Jambox By Jawbone

08 August 2012, 09.14 | Posted in Music, Product, Want Of The Week | No comments »


I had to do a feature on this thing because every time I bring it out people want to know all about it. Not to long ago I got my hands on the incredible JAMBOX put out by Jawbone, and now I bring it everwhere. It is a wireless speaker that connects to you phone, iPad, computer, you name it via Bluetooth. This little thing packs a punch with crisp sound, a good amount of bass, and not to mention… it simply looks great. It has an internal battery that seems to last forever, but when it does run low you simply plug it in to recharge. And when you are wirelessly connected from your phone and have an incoming call, it will not only tell you who is calling, but you simply have to press a button on the Jambox to answer and it functions as a speakerphone.

This thing is small enough to fit in a purse and has put me to sleep while camping, kept me company while sitting under a tree drinking coffee in a park, and entertained on a late night ride home in a cab when I didn’t want the party to end. It is especially good when you are watching movies on your computer and you want a louder/higher quality sound. Enough about my ranting, go get one for yourself… worth every penny.

To get a better idea of what this thing is capable of check out the video after the jump, as well as a few more shots of places I have gone with the Jambox.

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My First Coachella: 2011

20 April 2011, 22.51 | Posted in Music, Party, Photography | 3 comments »

Coachella 2011 Laura Austin 8

Kings Of Leon

Ohhh Coachella… I honestly don’t even know where to start. First of all I didn’t even know if I was going until a few days before the event. Tickets had sold out within a week and after that they were very hard to come by unless you wanted to pay an arm and a leg to get one. Thankfully some friends at Vitamin Water pulled through for me and I was set. Going into this extravaganza I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that it was going to be hot, there would be around 100,000 people and a ton of music.

More photos and the rest of my experience after the jump.

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Z-Trip In Exotic City: Like A Kid In A Candy Store

24 February 2011, 07.42 | Posted in Music, Photography, Travel | 4 comments »

Laura Austin Z Trip 01

Z-Trip taking in some of what Exotic City Empire had to offer.

Going on a road trip without a destination can be either the stupidest thing you have ever done, or the most amazing. Well last weekend my friend Zach aka DJ Z-Trip and I went on a little mission a bit outside of Los Angeles without much of a sense of where we were going or what we were doing. The day before we heard that it was going to dump at Mt. Baldy, so we drove up there to go ride, got to the parking lot… and there was barely any snow. This adventure was an attempt to make up for that. Check out the rest of the story and photos after the jump.

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A Take Away Show: Local Natives

09 February 2011, 01.08 | Posted in Music, Video | No comments »

This is rad. Local Natives performs an alternate version of “Who Knows Who Cares” near the Palais Royal in France for an exclusive taping with La Blogotheque. Found it thanks to The Nice Life.

Arcade Fire: Los Angeles

09 October 2010, 08.01 | Posted in Music, Photography | 1 comment »

Arcade Fire Laura Austin 06

Thursday October, 7th 7:30 PM- I’m relaxing at home watching a movie under the impression I’m going to have a mellow night to myself.
Thursday October, 7th 7:40 PM- I’m in my car in a mad dash towards LA to make it to an Arcade Fire show.

The other night my friend Adam called me up last second letting me know he had an extra photo pass to the Arcade Fire show at the Shrine Theater in Los Angeles. Considering this was a show that sold out in a matter of minutes, and I had the opportunity for a free pass to see it front and center I couldn’t say no. You only live once right? Arcade Fire put on an amazing live show, if you ever have the opportunity to see them live… do it. More photos after the jump.

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