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Random: Inspired By Iceland

15 July 2010, 00.01 | Posted in Random, Video | 1 comment »

I tend to be amused by some pretty random things… and I think this video would fall into that category. I have a feeling it is meant to help promote tourism in Iceland after the big volcano scare. Pretty effective to me, I had a smile on my face the whole way through.

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Before E-Harmony: Video Dating

23 June 2010, 04.47 | Posted in Random, Video | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

Can you even imagine trying to find yourself a date before E-Harmony was invented? Well, before internet stalking came along there was this. Enjoy. Big thanks to my friend James Sullivan at BNQT.com for passing this gem along.

The Results: Origami Hats

21 May 2010, 09.40 | Posted in How-To, Random | No comments »


I’m going to be honest with you… when I made this How To: Origami Hat post, I didn’t really think anyone would actually pull through and make the thing. But people did, and I’m stoked. Some even went to the extent of getting their mom buzzed to pose in their pictures (see above). Every time I received one of these shots in my e-mail, it seriously made my day. I’ll have to come up with some more how-to’s,  but for now check out the rest of the entries after the jump.

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Fucking Amazing: Dinner Done Right

13 May 2010, 22.33 | Posted in Random | 2 comments »

Screen shot 2010-05-13 at 1.00.38 PM

Don’t know what to make for dinner? This site will help. My friend Josh just passed this this link on to me and I had to share it. You can click on the name of the food and it will bring you to the recipe. Don’t eat meat? There are options for you too. Simple and amazing. Click on the image above to go to the site.

LA Night: Corey Smith

13 May 2010, 08.57 | Posted in Photography, Random | 1 comment »


Over the weekend I made a stop at Corey Smith’s house up in LA. His living room is a photographer’s dream come true, a built in seamless. So we spent the night messing around shooting photos. More shots after the jump.

Check out some of Corey’s photos from the night on his photo blog.

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Random: アホな走り集

11 May 2010, 01.25 | Posted in Random, Video | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

My friend Tom sent this over to me the other week. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop watching it. I’m easily amused though. Some of the facial expressions are amazing. If it can hold your attention long enough wait till 3:46. Good stuff, thanks Tom.

How To: Origami Hat

07 May 2010, 23.04 | Posted in Contest, Random | 2 comments »


Last week when I was up in Portland I swung through a Japanese Garden. It happened to be “kids day” or something like that there, and one of the activities was to make an origami hat out of newspaper. I had to get in on it. A friend happened to document the entire process so now I am sharing it with you.

Whoever can successfully make one of these newspaper hats and send me a picture of you wearing it to, laura@laustindesign.com. I will make a post using your pictures, and send you a surprise in the mail.

Check out the steps after the jump.

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May 5th: Fiesta

05 May 2010, 20.47 | Posted in Random | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Thanks to Tim for sharing this video.


24 April 2010, 02.44 | Posted in Random | 1 comment »


Click for a surprise.

Random: Get Up And Go

24 April 2010, 00.53 | Posted in Random, Video | 3 comments »

This is random… but I kinda like it. Directed by Jordan Clarke