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Laura Austin

Damn that was Quick: Dave England

20 April 2010, 21.26 | Posted in Random | 1 comment »


Went to “Get the Burger” in Big Bear after a day of riding… the people working there recognized Dave, asked him if they could take his picture… apparently they ran across the street and printed it while we were eating, because they came back 20 minutes later with it for him to sign. Amazing.

You may have seen Dave in situations such as this….

YouTube Preview Image

Spike Jonze: I’m Here

16 April 2010, 01.17 | Posted in Random, Video | No comments »

Spike Jonze never ceases to amaze me … you can watch his entire short film “I’m Here” online. Give it a watch.

And in case you haven’t seen his dance skills, you should probably check those out too….

YouTube Preview Image

Stolen Girlfriends Club: Directed By Derek Henderson

16 April 2010, 00.16 | Posted in Fashion, Random, Video | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

Stolen Girlfriends Club put together this video for their “NO.8+Weapons of Mass Seduction” line. I started watching it and for some reason couldn’t stop. Somewhat awkward at times, and left me wondering what the hell just happened…. but I think that is the point… sucked me in.

Amber B: Creatures

14 April 2010, 00.55 | Posted in Random | No comments »


Amber B makes all kinds of Creatures…. check em out here.


12 April 2010, 17.55 | Posted in Random | No comments »

I saw this… I smiled… so I’m sharing it with you.

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