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Videograss “Bon Voyage” Premiere Photos

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Laura Austin Videograss Premiere

Last weekend was a wild one. I made the trek up to Oregon for the premieres of Videograss’ new movie “Bon Voyage” at Mt. Hood and another in Portland.The weekend entailed…stage diving, broken furniture, lots of alcohol, block parties, cops, dancing, mind blowing snowboarding, and my camera with evidence of most of this disappearing at the end of it all. Luckily I have nice friends who were willing to share their photos so I could put together this post on Show your love… or hate and leave a comment on Snowboarder, it makes it all worth it for me.

Superpark Showdown

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showdown bracket week 5Snowboarder Magazine has been running the Superpark Showdown, an online contest between 16 different film companies that attended this years Superpark. Each company put together an edit from the event and every week there has been a faceoff between two videos where the audience gets to pick the winner to move on to the next week. This week it is between Variety Pack and NuuLife Cinema. Watch the videos and place your vote here.

PEEPSHOW: Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow

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Here is the teaser for Peepshow’s upcoming movie, “Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow”. I love what these ladies are doing.

Bonfire: Pipe to Pipe

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Going to be around Hood on July 10th? Then you might as well check out Bonfire’s Pipe to Pipe comp at Windells. It’s a jam style competition open to Ams and Pros with a mix of creative features and hopefully sunshine, could be a good time.

Forum: F’ It

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Forum just dropped the teaser of their 7th team movie “F’ It”. It sure as hell made me want to snowboard… check it out for yourself. Will they walk away with Best Movie for the second time in a row at the Transworld awards? We’ll see.

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Gnarly Clothes

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Keegan Valakia and friends are on a mission to “save snowboarding” with their recently launched clothing company, Gnarly. Their stuff is hitting stores this month, but in the mean time take a look at their site,

Updown: Erik Pants Show

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So maybe I have a weird sense of humor and am easily amused, but I get a kick out of this series Canadian Magazine Updown has been doing. Awkward.

More episodes after the jump.

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Helgasons: Triple Cork

08 June 2010, 22.55 | Posted in Snowboarding, Video | 1 comment »

Helgason’s reaction to Torstein’s triple cork.

Torstein Horgmo: Triple Cork

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Is this good for snowboarding? Who knows…. but that just happened. Cirque du Soleil x Snowboarding.

COMUNE Teaser: Slime Time

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This is COMUNE’s third teaser for their movie, “Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformation Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden On The Moon.” This one is titled, “Slime Time” and was filmed and edited by Corey Smith & Ryan Scardigli. For all you kids out there complaining that there wasn’t enough snowboarding in the last ones, this teaser is full of it. Enjoy.