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Laura Austin

Want Of The Week: Great State Camera Straps

09 November 2012, 20.34 | Posted in Photography, Product, Uncategorized, Want Of The Week | No comments »


Want to add a little something extra to that camera you always carry around with you? My good friend Gary Tyler McLeod just launched his new company Great State Strap Co. which features rugged camera straps handmade by leatherworkers in Portland, OR. They come in an assortment of colors and lengths. I have personally been using the Bracelet Strap that just wraps around my wrist for my Contax T2 and I love it. Ditch that ugly plastic thing you have been running with your camera and pick up one of these good looking durable leather straps from Great State Strap Co.

More pictures and a full press release after the jump.

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Want Of The Week: Jambox By Jawbone

08 August 2012, 09.14 | Posted in Music, Product, Want Of The Week | No comments »


I had to do a feature on this thing because every time I bring it out people want to know all about it. Not to long ago I got my hands on the incredible JAMBOX put out by Jawbone, and now I bring it everwhere. It is a wireless speaker that connects to you phone, iPad, computer, you name it via Bluetooth. This little thing packs a punch with crisp sound, a good amount of bass, and not to mention… it simply looks great. It has an internal battery that seems to last forever, but when it does run low you simply plug it in to recharge. And when you are wirelessly connected from your phone and have an incoming call, it will not only tell you who is calling, but you simply have to press a button on the Jambox to answer and it functions as a speakerphone.

This thing is small enough to fit in a purse and has put me to sleep while camping, kept me company while sitting under a tree drinking coffee in a park, and entertained on a late night ride home in a cab when I didn’t want the party to end. It is especially good when you are watching movies on your computer and you want a louder/higher quality sound. Enough about my ranting, go get one for yourself… worth every penny.

To get a better idea of what this thing is capable of check out the video after the jump, as well as a few more shots of places I have gone with the Jambox.

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Want Of The Week: Field Notes Road Trip Kit

19 October 2011, 09.09 | Posted in Design, Product, Want Of The Week | No comments »


In case you haven’t heard of/seen Field Notes then you need to check their stuff out. These simple pocket-sized note books are the type of thing that make you think, “I wish I thought of that”… but even if you had, they probably wouldn’t have been nearly as well designed. The level of attention to detail you would expect coming out of Draplin Design Co. Someone slipped me one of these memo books and after spending 90% on a keyboard it is refreshing to write things down by hand every now and then. Anyway, this Road Trip Kit in particular is my want of the week since I spend a lot of time on the road. With this kit you can pick out 6 state-specific memo pads with information about each state on the back covers. This package also includes one Field Notes Steno Pad and six Woodgrain Pencils. Before you go on your next road trip pick up your own kit or any other Field Notes products at fieldnotesbrand.com

Want Of The Week: Recover iPhone Case

21 September 2011, 08.33 | Posted in Product, Want Of The Week | No comments »


The next “Want Of The Week” is something I actually already have, but so many people have picked up my phone asking about it, I figured I would pass it along to you. This Portland-based brand “Recover” puts out these iPhone “skins” made out of real wood which is hand sanded, stained, and lacquered which adheres to the front and back of your iPhone… making it look like your phone is made of wood. And they are a mere $25 bucks. I highly recommend them, you can get your own Recover skin in many different wood grains at their online store.

cory grove

The case on my phone. Photo: Cory Grove

Want Of The Week: Poler Tent

12 September 2011, 20.55 | Posted in Want Of The Week | No comments »


I can’t lie… I have definitely been slacking on my Radcollector column lately. In an attempt to bring back at least some life I am implementing “Want Of The Week”. An easy way to highlight stuff I think deserves a look from all you people. Up first is a brand by the name “Poler”, based out of Portland, OR. In my opinion they are hitting an untapped market in the snowboarding/action sports world…. camping equipment. Not only do they make highly functional camping gear, their overall brand aesthetic is spot on. And for being a relatively new company, they already have a solid line-up on their snow and skate teams. To get your hands on a tent go to polerstuff.com and keep your eyes out for tons of new gear that they will be dropping soon.

poler 2