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Walking around most parts of downtown Los Angeles 5 years ago wouldn’t have been a pretty sight. Bums owned the streets, the smell of urine filled the air, and storefronts were either vacant or not worth going into. Walk to some of those same areas today and something different fills the air, a renewed energy to bring those streets back to life. More and more respected restaurants, hotels and brands are setting up shop, making downtown a much more appealing place to eat, shop, and live. The LA Men’s Market is apart of that movement as they focus on building the menswear landscape in the area. With the start of their second event on October 13, 2014, we reached out to the founder of LA Men’s Market, Kellen Roland, to learn at little more about this relatively new tradeshow and what is happening in downtown Los Angeles…

First of all… give us a brief overview of what LA Men’s Market is:

LA Men’s Market is a curated & intimate collection of the top menswear brands coming together in Downtown Los Angeles to showcase their latest wares to industry leading buyers on a local, national & international level. There is a key focus on building the menswear market in Los Angeles and Downtown specifically as the cities evolves.

Has the event grown much from where it started in October 2013?

Yes.  We have grown and evolved.  This show we have industry leading brands from lifestyle, contemporary, action sports, street wear and the sneaker market.  Buyers are in for a treat.  Additionally, The presentation of the show has been ramped up significantly.  When you arrive to DTLA you will feel the presence of LAMM.

The event has grown in many different ways since its inception. The quality and attention to detail has really been elevated and all brands and buyers who are present next week will see incredible signage in and around the building bringing attention to the fact those in attendance truly make-up the majority of all business done in the top retailers across the US. Downtown LA has also grown in terms of its offerings for food, shopping & general cultural experiences making for an exceptional landscape within which to do business.


There seems to be a lot changing in Los Angeles, particularly downtown. What do you think is changing and how do you feel these changes are affecting the menswear market in LA?

Downtown Los Angeles is growing and maturing at an exponential rate. Four our five years ago, walking around outside of our building would have been a terrible experience. In just the past year we’ve seen the best of the best from the restaurant, retail & hotel spaces open up shop right downtown. Industry leaders including Acne, Ace Hotel, APC, Tanner Goods, Urban Outfitters, Juice Served Here, Stumptown and a slew of others are planting their flags. These and future developments, including a relocation of Tom Ford’s Fall 2015 runway show from London to Los Angeles, are a direct reflection of the evolution of DTLA and proof that it is America’s next great city.

Being someone who works with, and sees a lot of brands on a daily basis… are there any trends you think brands are gravitating towards right now or is everyone kind of doing their own thing?

Trends are a funny thing with a somewhat negative connotation, as they tend to come and go with brands jumping on and off the bandwagon. Rather than speaking on trends, I am happy to see a renewed focus on quality products made from the best materials available.  Sportswear and functionality has also become a staple within the realm of men’s fashion with the consumer looking for something that not only looks good but also maintains a purpose within their life. When all is said and done, once the public has a desired look in mind it becomes the job of the retailer to offer those garments while staying true to their personal DNA.

What makes LA Men’s Market different from other trade shows like Agenda and Capsule?

First and foremost Agenda & Capsule are beyond important to our industry and have been the vehicle for success for a plethora of the great brands we see in the market today. We are the only show to call downtown Los Angeles home and maintain a specific focus on the stereotypically “smaller” seasons being Summer & Holiday. We offer an opportunity for the best retailers, brands & media in Southern California and beyond to get together and do business in an intimate and inspiring setting.

Do you have plans or expectations of what you would like to this event become?

The expectation is quite simply to create the best environment for business to be accomplished in an enjoyable and efficient manner. The brands, showrooms & retailers already exist; we are just connecting the dots and bringing everyone together in our backyard.



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H∆IGHT ∆SHBURY :: BØRN LØSERS http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2014/02/28/haight-ashbury-born-losers/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2014/02/28/haight-ashbury-born-losers/#comments Fri, 28 Feb 2014 19:01:16 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1670 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "H∆IGHT ∆SHBURY :: BØRN LØSERS", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2014/02/28/haight-ashbury-born-losers/" });]]>

The crew over at H∆IGHT ∆SHBURY just released their first full mens and womens collections, and they seemed to pull it off pretty damn well. See for yourself in the video above and click the image below to take a look at their full look book. Good stuff.



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This Place Is Nowhere Art Show http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/12/12/this-place-is-nowhere-art-show/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/12/12/this-place-is-nowhere-art-show/#comments Thu, 12 Dec 2013 19:37:36 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1665 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "This Place Is Nowhere Art Show", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/12/12/this-place-is-nowhere-art-show/" });]]> ThisPlaceIsNowhereShowCardBack

This Saturday is the opening of the “This Place Is Nowhere” at the Paul Loya Gallery in Los Angles. The first art show curated by my good friend Gus Cawley this show will feature the work of Corey Smith, Gordon Holden, and Scoph. If you are in the Los Angeles area you should definitely stop by… with this combination of guys it is guaranteed to be a good time. Check out the Facebook event page here. And the full press release after the jump.

This Place Is Nowhere
December 14th – January 4th, 2013
Opening Reception: December 14th, 6-10 pm
Paul Loya Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition, This Place Is Nowhere.
This Place Is Nowhere, which features the works of artists Gordon Holden, Schoph and Corey Smith, brings together three artists who take a serious (or not so serious) look at the society that surrounds us. In a “selfie”-saturated world, these artists create works that are provocative and often satirical or
sarcastic remarks on pop-culture and the masses. There is a synthesis of playful curiosity and critique of the contemporary culture which calls the viewer to both internal and external discernment and reflection. Each artist works with mixed media, composing images and materials into a thoughtful perspective.


Corey Smith
Corey Smith is a multi-media visual artist who currently resides between Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe and Portland, OR. He has been exhibiting his work in galleries throughout the US for over a decade. Smith has been featured in countless print magazines and online sources.

Gordon Holden
Gordon Holden was born in 1985 in suburban United States of America. After graduating from the University of Vermont, never having studied fine arts, he soon discovered that the only way to live in a world that strives for perfection is to do just the opposite. He describes his creations as a collection of things to like and things to

Originally from Yorkshire in the North of England, Scophe is currently living out of a bag in his studio, travelling and showing his art at successful group and collaborative shows from the UK, throughout Europe and the US.

For more information or images, please contact the gallery at info@paulloyagallery.com


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JBL Launches Synchros S700 Headphone http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/11/06/jbl-launches-synchros-s700-headphone/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/11/06/jbl-launches-synchros-s700-headphone/#comments Wed, 06 Nov 2013 03:58:44 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1650 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "JBL Launches Synchros S700 Headphone", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/11/06/jbl-launches-synchros-s700-headphone/" });]]> JBL Laura Austin 23

Last week I made my way over to the W Hotel for the kickoff of JBL’s “Dare To Listen” series and the launch party of their latest and greatest headphone, the Synchros S700. Aside from enjoying this party hosted by producer Jermaine Dupri on the rooftop of one of Hollywood’s iconic hotels… I was able to get my hands on and learn more about the reason why we were all there… the headphones. Without going into too much technical jargon these headphones feature JBL’s new LiveStage™ digital signal processing technology, resulting in a sound that that is more true to life giving you a sense of spatial presence. If even that was too technical for you I’ll just leave it at they are damn nice headphones. They just released them to the public and you can grab yourself a pair right here. See more of my photos from the event after the jump.

JBL Laura Austin 09


Jermaine Dupri. Photo: Rachel Murray

JBL Laura Austin 34

JBL Laura Austin 06


Apl.de.Ap of The Black Eyed Peas. Photo: Rachel Murray

JBL Laura Austin 1

JBL Laura Austin 56

Tip for the future… don’t lean up against photo backdrops while getting your photo taken. I learned the hard way.


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10 Years Of Monster Children Book http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/10/23/10-years-of-monster-children-book/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/10/23/10-years-of-monster-children-book/#comments Wed, 23 Oct 2013 20:34:09 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1644 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "10 Years Of Monster Children Book", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/10/23/10-years-of-monster-children-book/" });]]> monster-children-10th-anniversary-book-1

Tired of having house guests over and trying to figure out a way to entertain them? Well Monster Children just solved your problem with the release of their beautiful “Ten Years Of Monster Children” book. Plop this thing down on your coffee table and let the 295 pages full of the best of their stories, interviews, photos and features do the rest. Get your hands on one right here.




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VANGUARD X B_SPACE X SURFERXBLOOD // VENICE BEACH BLOCK PARTY http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/09/24/vanguard-x-b_space-x-surferxblood-venice-beach-block-party/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/09/24/vanguard-x-b_space-x-surferxblood-venice-beach-block-party/#comments Tue, 24 Sep 2013 21:37:14 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1641 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "VANGUARD X B_SPACE X SURFERXBLOOD // VENICE BEACH BLOCK PARTY", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/09/24/vanguard-x-b_space-x-surferxblood-venice-beach-block-party/" });]]>

Click here to view the embedded video.

It’s the end of summer and what better way to close it out then to have a Block Party with the community coming together to support one another. In the “Surf Circle” of Venice Beach CA, where Insight, Lighting Bolt, B_Space, and the good ol’ boys at Mullusk Surf Shop resides. Lightning Bolt, B_Space and Insight put together the First Annual Wipe Out Sale that had a bunch of local brands selling their goods and later that evening Aussie Fashion Brand Vanguard, enlisted event producers SurferxBlood with Aussie boutique B_Space to pull off a launch banger of a block party for all the locals and serial chillers to enjoy music by Brook Power, Music Dept., and Levitation Room. Friends at Sapporo Beer, Peligroso Tequila, One Coconut Water all came out to support the crowd & Surfrider Foundation to provide the thirst-quenching drinks for a hot summer night.

Check out the madness go down and the good times that played out!


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Concrete Nothings // Riley Blakeway for Kontraho http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/08/27/concrete-nothings-riley-blakeway-for-kontraho/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/08/27/concrete-nothings-riley-blakeway-for-kontraho/#comments Tue, 27 Aug 2013 21:27:23 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1636 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Concrete Nothings // Riley Blakeway for Kontraho", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/08/27/concrete-nothings-riley-blakeway-for-kontraho/" });]]>

Kontraho jewelry just released this beautiful video featuring pieces from their latest line “Concrete Nothings”. Watch it, be intrigued, then go check out all of their products on their website.

“it’s the everything before the nothing and the definite purpose of the purposeless routine. its the beauty in these vacuous streets that we cannot feel until we walk them. concrete nothings are what we are sure of, the things we always knew”


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Punch The Camera: Issue 3 http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/06/19/punch-the-camera-issue-3/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/06/19/punch-the-camera-issue-3/#comments Wed, 19 Jun 2013 00:08:19 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1623 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Punch The Camera: Issue 3", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/06/19/punch-the-camera-issue-3/" });]]> Cover

Punch The Camera is a bi-annual photography zine inspired by adventure, exploration, and open spaces. All things I personally am a big fan of. For the latest issue of the zine put together by Justin Parkhurst I was lucky enough to be one of the photographers featured alongside Foster Huntington, John Kilar, Justin Parkhurst, Jim Mangan, Kevin Trageser, and Bryan Schutmaat. If you want a little taste of the wanderlust evoked by this book of photos you should pick up yourself  a copy right here.


Photo: John Kilar


Photo: Jim Mangan


Photo: Bryan Schutmaat


Photo: Justin Parkhurst


Photo: Foster Huntington

Laura Austin

Photo: Me


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Black On High Art Show http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/05/01/black-on-high-art-show/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/05/01/black-on-high-art-show/#comments Wed, 01 May 2013 19:32:27 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1619 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Black On High Art Show", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/05/01/black-on-high-art-show/" });]]> blackonhighflyer rad

My friend Alexis Gross is on a roll with these art shows at The Gallery next to The Burgundy Room. See below for more info on the upcoming shoe “Black On High” opening May 3.
LA’s The Gallery presents Black on High, a Brooklyn takeover of Hollywood, with work from Othelo Gervacio, Alexander Heir, Jess Poplawski, Dilek Baykara and Tamara Santibanez. The exhibition brings the darkside to sunny LA with each artist bringing their unique perspective on the punk/metal scene to the gallery. Presented by Alexis Gross, the show is the latest in a series by the artist and curator’s takeover of The Gallery on Cahuenga. Opening night is this Friday, May 3.

Featuring the works of New York artsits:

Othelo Gervacio (www.othelogervacio.com)
Tamara Santibanez (www.tamarasantibanez.com)
Alexander Heir (www.alexanderheir.com)
Jess Poplawski (www.jesspoplawski.com)
Dilek Baykara (www.dilekbaykara.us)

The Gallery 1621 North Cahuenga Los Angeles, CA 90028

Exhibition Opens MAY 3, 2013
8 P.M. – LATE
On view through MAY 31, 2012
THE SHOP inside of THE GALLERY will be in full force as well including many zines and original work by established and emerging artists.


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Ben Rayner Photo Show http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/04/04/ben-rayner-photo-show/ http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/04/04/ben-rayner-photo-show/#comments Thu, 04 Apr 2013 00:41:50 +0000 lauraaustin http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/?p=1612 SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Ben Rayner Photo Show", url: "http://radcollector.com/columns/lauraaustin/2013/04/04/ben-rayner-photo-show/" });]]> raynerflyer2

On Thursday, April 4th Alexis Gross & The Gallery next to The Burgundy Room will present 1000, a solo photo exhibition by photographer Ben Rayner. 1000 is an explosion of sorts of Rayner’s brain, with the exhibition aptly featuring 1000 photos spanning the past ten years of Rayner’s subjects covering the walls. A sensory overload of good times, faces, places, objects and dogs- a life collage.

Ben Rayner is a british photographer based in New York. Rayner has had solo exhibitions in New York, London, and Tokyo and has released two monographs of his work “Powerballads” in 2010 and “(Un)Familiar” in 2012 as well as numerous zines such as “Hello Buddy” which was entirely dedicated to dogs. Rayner has shot for magazines such as Vogue, Vice, Dazed and Confused as well as the likes of Nike, Converse, and Adidas.

I don’t think I’d be alone in saying that Ben Rayner is one of London’s finest portrait photographers. A plethora of great talent has stood in front of his lens, from Alexa Chung, to Wolfgang Tilmans, and if it’s good enough for them, it most certainly is for me. Some great editorial features too that shouldn’t be missed, including work for Vice, Vogue and Wonderland.” Alex Bec – It’s Nice That.

The Gallery Next To The Burgundy Room Opening Reception Thursday April 4th 8pm-Mindnight

1621 North Cahuenga Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028


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