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Laura Austin

Utah Mission

08 April 2010, 03.48 | Posted in Snowboarding, Travel | 2 comments »


Mikey and Andy….happy to be riding powder.

Some of the worst choices I’ve made in life have been impulsive…ordering a philly cheese steak sandwich at a sushi joint, dying my hair pink before a family gathering, getting behind the wheel when I knew I was too tired… the list goes on. But buying a ticket to Salt Lake City, Utah the day before I flew out was one of the better decisions I have made. Mikey LeBlanc hit me up the day before he was leaving for Utah telling me that it just dumped out there and that I should definitely come out. Seeing as I’ve never ridden Utah, hadn’t been able to ride powder yet this season, and well…it was an opportunity to ride with Mikey, Andy Wright, and friends….I couldn’t pass it up. More photos after the jump.

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