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Laura Austin

Eddie Ball 2010

07 October 2010, 10.14 | Posted in Party, Photography | 1 comment »

Eddie Ball 2010 087

You wish your friends were as rad as Eddie Wall’s. Bold statement? Well after the birthday party they threw for him on October 5th, you would probably be thinking the same thing. Much more after the jump.

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VHS Goes Modeling

06 September 2010, 06.59 | Posted in Photography, Video | 1 comment »

A few weeks ago my friend Andrew Arthur asked me to come up and help him with a photoshoot at Lake Arrowhead in Southern California. One of the models was FORD LA’s Mariana Saori Renteria, who happens to be Eddie Wall’s fiance. Eddie was there to document the day for his site Video Hyper Shred. Check out the video above. And below are two pictures I took of Saori with my Polaroid Land Camera.

Saori Laura Austin 2

Saori Laura Austin 3