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Laura Austin

Ed Templeton For Relapse

13 March 2013, 20.28 | Posted in Art, Photography, Skateboarding | No comments »

Ed Templeton_Relapse_51

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of dropping by Ed Templeton’s house in Huntington Beach, CA to do an interview and shoot some photos for a feature I was writing for Relapse Magazine’s Art Issue. We sat and talked for over an hour straight about everything from the influence of skateboarding on his creativity, and how he manages to shoot photos of people on the streets without being noticed, and his whole skateboarding girl thing. Afterwards he gave me a tour of his house, studio, and darkroom while I shot off some photos for the piece. It was definitely rad to rap out with someone so prolific and influential in not only skateboarding, but photography as well. Ed is an incredibly humble guy.

See some more photos after the jump then head over to Relapse Magazine’s website where you can read the feature and look at the rest of the issue right there…. or if you are in NYC go pick it up from select newsstands.

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Eterea Magazine Interview

06 December 2012, 05.21 | Posted in Interview, Photography | No comments »

Laura Austin

I recently did an interview with rad Peru-based online magazine ETEREA. But since most of you probably don’t speak Spanish I figured I would post the English translation here. However if you happen to be an over-achiever and bilingual you can read the original version here and poke around the rest of the site while you’re at it… they post some cool content on there. -Laura

Read the interview after the jump.

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Burton Girls: Fall Lookbook Shoot

04 October 2012, 20.23 | Posted in Fashion, Photography, Travel | No comments »


A little while back I had the privilege of venturing up to the Oregon coast with some of the Burton crew to do a shoot for their Fall lookbook and the relaunch of BurtonGirls.com. Seeing as their new site just went live, I figured I would give you a preview of my day exploring the woods and the shore with team riders Gabi Viteri, Kimmy Fasani, and Hannah Teter. It is always cool working with Burton seeing as they are like family, but it was especially rad to do this shoot with an all girl crew from the talent, to the stylists, filmer, and producers. Be sure to check out the full lookbook here and click around the rest of the site to see what these lovely ladies have in store for you.

More photos and a video from the day after the jump.

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New Year: New Road Trip

13 February 2012, 09.56 | Posted in Photography, Travel | 1 comment »


This past new years my friend Jared and I decided to do things a little differently, we set out on a five-day road trip from Salt Lake City, UT to Big Sur, CA. Along the way Jared had to shoot a video for this clothing company, SLVDR, so we made frequent stops at anything that looked remotely interesting. Which was perfect for me because while he was doing his thing, I wandered off with my camera glued to my eyeball. Making only one overnight stop in San Francisco, we spent the rest of the nights in a cabin at Big Sur. Besides coming down with food poisoning on New Years Eve, which put us both down for the count that night… it was a pretty amazing trip, Big Sur had been on my list of places to go for quite a while.

Check out my photos and Jared’s video after the jump… they will tell the rest of the story.

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Hermosa Beach: Long Exposures

18 October 2010, 07.47 | Posted in Photography | 2 comments »

Laura Austin Hermosa Beach

The other night my friend Terren and I decided to go shoot some photos around Manhattan/Hermosa beach. It has been a while since I have gone out to shoot photos for the hell of it without any obligations… I need to start doing that more often. Here are a few shots from the night.

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Rhythm Photoshoot

13 October 2010, 08.10 | Posted in Photography | 3 comments »

Rhythm Laura Austin 07

The other week a friend of mine Gus Cawley, the US marketing manager over at Rhythm asked me if I would shoot their entire catalog for the upcoming season. A daunting task to take on between all the other stuff I have going on, but I figured why not. After a day of work at SNOWBOARDER I had to rush up to Laguna Beach to get some lifestyle shots in the couple remaining hours of light we had left. A beach shoot turned into a sunset shoot, and without flash equipment on me I was forced to get creative…but it all seemed to work out in the end. Check out a few more photos from the shoot after the jump.

Never heard of Rhythm? The are an Australian based clothing brand making their way into the US. Check out more of their stuff at RhythmLivin.com. Also keep an eye out for their upcoming snowboard outerwear line… I got a sneak peak and their stuff looks surprisingly good.

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Eddie Ball 2010

07 October 2010, 10.14 | Posted in Party, Photography | 1 comment »

Eddie Ball 2010 087

You wish your friends were as rad as Eddie Wall’s. Bold statement? Well after the birthday party they threw for him on October 5th, you would probably be thinking the same thing. Much more after the jump.

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Skateboarder Magazine’s Sunset Rampage

02 October 2010, 21.39 | Posted in Photography, Skateboarding | No comments »

Raven TershyRaven Tershy walked away with 1st place

The other night I went to Skateboarder Magazine’s Sunset Rampage held at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Not a bad venue for a miniramp jam contest, poolside overlooking Los Angeles. Free alcohol, good friends, and my camera definitely made for an interesting night. Big thanks to Skateboarder for such a good time. More shots after the jump.

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Corey Smith: Kitten Magazine Shoot

29 July 2010, 06.14 | Posted in Photography | 1 comment »

CoreySmith_Laura Austin_09

So I’m not going to lie.. I’ve been neglecting my Rad Collector column a bit, at least as far as putting up my own photos. So this is an attempt to make up for that. A few months back Corey Smith asked me to shoot some portraits of him with his artwork for an interview he did for Kitten Magazine. See more photos from the shoot after the jump.

While you’re at it take a look at Corey’s artwork and photography.

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De Ja Vu

11 December 2009, 07.10 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 comments »

For most people driving across the country once is a pretty big feat. But within the past few months I’ve had to do it 3 times. I took a temporary job out in California over the summer and drove there from Vermont. After three months in CA I decided to head back to Vermont. Then a few months later I was offered a full time job from the same company in California so I took it and made the drive yet again. Here is the video from my first trip out. I made the drive by myself clocking about 15 hours a day.