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Laura Austin

10 Years Of Monster Children Book

23 October 2013, 22.34 | Posted in Art, Design, Photography, Product | No comments »


Tired of having house guests over and trying to figure out a way to entertain them? Well Monster Children just solved your problem with the release of their beautiful “Ten Years Of Monster Children” book. Plop this thing down on your coffee table and let the 295 pages full of the best of their stories, interviews, photos and features do the rest. Get your hands on one right here.



Punch The Camera: Issue 3

19 June 2013, 02.08 | Posted in Art, Photography, Product | No comments »


Punch The Camera is a bi-annual photography zine inspired by adventure, exploration, and open spaces. All things I personally am a big fan of. For the latest issue of the zine put together by Justin Parkhurst I was lucky enough to be one of the photographers featured alongside Foster Huntington, John Kilar, Justin Parkhurst, Jim Mangan, Kevin Trageser, and Bryan Schutmaat. If you want a little taste of the wanderlust evoked by this book of photos you should pick up yourself  a copy right here.


Photo: John Kilar


Photo: Jim Mangan


Photo: Bryan Schutmaat


Photo: Justin Parkhurst


Photo: Foster Huntington

Laura Austin

Photo: Me

Want Of The Week: Great State Camera Straps

09 November 2012, 20.34 | Posted in Photography, Product, Uncategorized, Want Of The Week | No comments »


Want to add a little something extra to that camera you always carry around with you? My good friend Gary Tyler McLeod just launched his new company Great State Strap Co. which features rugged camera straps handmade by leatherworkers in Portland, OR. They come in an assortment of colors and lengths. I have personally been using the Bracelet Strap that just wraps around my wrist for my Contax T2 and I love it. Ditch that ugly plastic thing you have been running with your camera and pick up one of these good looking durable leather straps from Great State Strap Co.

More pictures and a full press release after the jump.

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Punch The Camera: Issue 2

27 August 2012, 07.20 | Posted in Art, Photography | No comments »


A friend of mine, Justin Parkhurst, recently released the second issue of his photo zine “Punch The Camera“. When you hear the word “zine” you tend to think of a couple black and white xeroxed pages crudely bound by a string of thread. “Punch The Camera” however is more of a soft cover book filled with 104 pages of full color images on nicely bound premium stock paper. And printed on those pages is the work of 8 different photographers including the likes of Peter Sutherland, Jim Mangan, Gary McLeod, and Justin himself. You can buy a copy for yourself here and support a project that many of us think of doing ourselves and rarely follow through on.

More preview images after the jump.

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You Have Got To Be Kidding: iPhone Rangefinder

29 February 2012, 22.19 | Posted in Photography, Product, You Have Got to Be Kidding | No comments »


I used to be opposed to “iPhone Photography” before I actually owned an iPhone. I thought it made the whole photo process from shooting, to editing, to sharing way too easy. Now I am a fan, mainly because of Instagram… it is addicting. But recently while scrolling through my Tumblr I stumbled upon this iPhone Rangefinder case. I hate to hate… but there is a certain point where you should just give in and buy an actual camera. If you need to spend $100 on a case to make your phone look like an old school camera, that is a bit over the top.

More looks and info after the jump.

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Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits & Counting

18 January 2012, 21.04 | Posted in Photography, Video | 1 comment »

I’m surprised I am just now stumbling upon Jeff Harris’ work. What started as a New Year’s Resolution of writing in a journal, turned into shooting a photo of himself everyday with a Olympus Stylus 35mm film camera… a visual journal if you will. Pretty amazing way to force you to do something interesting everyday and get creative with the photos you take. Jeff is an inspiration not only as a photographer, but as a human. You can see more of this project on jeffharris.org

Jeff Harris

The Best Worst Road Trip Ever

05 January 2011, 22.10 | Posted in Photography, Snowboarding, Travel | No comments »

Rad Header

Realizing the road from Yosemite to Mammoth was closed. +7 extra hours. Getting to Mammoth and riding crust. A low morale. One flat tire on the way home from Mammoth. -1 spare tire. Having another tire pop an hour later. $200 for a tow truck. $50 for a scary hotel room. $540 to get all my tires replaced. The story and pictures from the most ridiculous roadtrip ever. Priceless.

Check out the the full story and pictures from my crazy road trip on snowboardermag.com

Goldcoast: Boards With Wheels

09 December 2010, 10.01 | Posted in Photography, Skateboarding | No comments »

Goldcoast Longboards

Alright, alright…. so longboards aren’t exactly my style, but I stumbled upon this company Goldcoast that may have changed my opinion. I started to learn a little more about them and they aren’t the hippie stereotype that you would tend to associate longboards with. What caught my attention was their focus on photography, all of the photos they use to promote their brand are shot on film. Then I got to try out a few of their boards and loved them. I’m used to riding your normal skateboard with tiny wheels… but when you want to just cruise, a board with bigger wheels makes sense. Don’t knock it till you try it.

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decent exposure: AARON BLATT

31 March 2010, 21.32 | Posted in Decent Exposure, Photography, Snowboarding | 6 comments »


I’ve known Blatt for a few years now and he is one of the most humble/laid back photographers I know. Which is surprising for his age and the quality of his work. Only 22 and coming out of VT, Aaron has already started to make a name for himself in the snowboard world. Currently, he holds the spot as the photo editor for East Coast Snowboard Mag, on top of shooting for multiple different clients. I’m expecting big things from him in the future…. no pressure Blatt. Check out his portfolio- adblatt.com. Or follow his blog. Read the interview after the jump.

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decent exposure:MIKE BASHER

09 March 2010, 03.18 | Posted in Decent Exposure, Photography, Snowboarding | 2 comments »


Mike Basher… this guy has a lot to say… and he should after working for Snowboard Magazine for the past six seasons. He was one of the guys who helped create the magazine and since then has gone through the ranks as photo editor and most recently, editor, of the mag. But as of January 2010, Basher took a step back from his spot at Snowboard. He decided it was time to move on since, with his new position as editor, he was spending much less time doing what he loved, shooting photos. Included in this interview are his reasons for moving on, why he thinks Colorado sucks, and his big plans for what is to come. Read the what he has to say after the jump.

To see more of his work check out his site and follow his blog.

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