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Laura Austin

Want Of The Week: Poler Tent

12 September 2011, 20.55 | Posted in Want Of The Week | No comments »


I can’t lie… I have definitely been slacking on my Radcollector column lately. In an attempt to bring back at least some life I am implementing “Want Of The Week”. An easy way to highlight stuff I think deserves a look from all you people. Up first is a brand by the name “Poler”, based out of Portland, OR. In my opinion they are hitting an untapped market in the snowboarding/action sports world…. camping equipment. Not only do they make highly functional camping gear, their overall brand aesthetic is spot on. And for being a relatively new company, they already have a solid line-up on their snow and skate teams. To get your hands on a tent go to polerstuff.com and keep your eyes out for tons of new gear that they will be dropping soon.

poler 2