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Laura Austin

Rhythm Photoshoot

13 October 2010, 08.10 | Posted in Photography | 3 comments »

Rhythm Laura Austin 07

The other week a friend of mine Gus Cawley, the US marketing manager over at Rhythm asked me if I would shoot their entire catalog for the upcoming season. A daunting task to take on between all the other stuff I have going on, but I figured why not. After a day of work at SNOWBOARDER I had to rush up to Laguna Beach to get some lifestyle shots in the couple remaining hours of light we had left. A beach shoot turned into a sunset shoot, and without flash equipment on me I was forced to get creative…but it all seemed to work out in the end. Check out a few more photos from the shoot after the jump.

Never heard of Rhythm? The are an Australian based clothing brand making their way into the US. Check out more of their stuff at RhythmLivin.com. Also keep an eye out for their upcoming snowboard outerwear line… I got a sneak peak and their stuff looks surprisingly good.

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