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Oli Tielsch

In search of the miraculous

29 July 2010, 21.02 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

“In search of the miraculous” is the title of Pontus Alv’s new movie, following his first production ‘The strongest of the strange” from five years ago.

The video shows Pontus and his close friends skating in the area around Malmo in the south of Sweden. It shows their drive to make the best out of their given surroundings by creating uncountable spots in a true DIY manner, using their hands and lots of concrete instead of traveling the world looking for the next marble spot. Really different and inspiring skateboarding that makes you wanna hit the streets right away…

Get it here!

You might remember Pontus as a member of the Mad Circle Team back in the days:

YouTube Preview Image

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