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Oli Tielsch

coming home…

02 November 2010, 11.26 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

We had a federal holiday in Germany yesterday and i took a little trip to visit my family in my former hometown an hour away from Cologne. I stopped by the little skatepark we built 15 years ago on a dead street with the help of the city counsil and a donation by a friends dad. So much memories came up, friends, good times new tricks and probably thousands of ice tea containers. I learned driving cars here, learned to blunt fakie and probably a million other things. And i really forgot how rough this was. I’ll be back next summer for sure!

You can barely call this a curb, really good for manuals, but don’t even try to bluntslide

The trick is going up fakie and grinding down the rail forward, since there’s no run-up!

that one is pretty decent, but better don’t fall on that street

loved that flatbar!

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