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Please vote for our D.I.Y. Project

11 November 2012, 14.35 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Please vote for our D.I.Y. Project, as we’re trying to raise some money to build this spot in Spring ‘13. This contest for 3000€ could be a big step, thanks for supporting us by giving your vote:


After Cologne’s world-famous marble paradise underenath the “Dom” has been skatestopped five years ago, we found ourselves a home in a former streethockey court not too far from the center. Now the city council officially handed over the rights to that place to our club “Dom Skateboarding e.V.”, we founded back in 2007 and we’re free to build anything on there.

Behind the link there’s a video explaining what we’ve done so far (building Kap686plaza and two other skateparks in Cologne) and you can see the actual spot in the video – unfortunately all talking is german!

This is a first rough sketch of what we’re aiming for below, it will be a little more playful in the end, but this would be the first step:


Thanks for your support!