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Oli Tielsch

Team Kap contest presented by Vans

28 July 2013, 10.01 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

If you haven’t seen KAP686, the skateplaza we built in Cologne in 2011, make sure to check this out. For the 2nd anniversary of it opening, we invited again to a team contest, here’s the video of the day:

Find some photos and more infos here!


23 July 2012, 11.25 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »


Celebrating the first anniversary of our Kap686-Skateplaza in Cologne we decided to hold a team skate contest, inviting all the best german teams to battle head to head in 3 minute street runs. 30 teams were competing, from Vans to Nike SB to Converse to Radio Skateboards to all the local brands and shops – it was quite an impressive lineup of skaters.


30 teams battled head-to-head

The local rippers of Wasted Box skateshop took the first place over the guys at Nike SB and celebrated accordingly: