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Peter Williams

For Skatebors Use Only

31 March 2010, 22.12 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

For Skatebors Use Only

Friend of a friend Dan Watson runs this ill skate blog called You Will Soon. Many of you probably check it already, but you don’t… you will soon. Anyways, earlier this week I came across this ridiculous $475 “pre-skated” sneaker from a brand called Golden Goose. Duct tape and all, I forwarded it along to Dan for review. Today he went live:

“Everyone knows that as skaters, everyone’s bitin’ our shit. Skateboarding has been very influential on mainstream fashion trends for a couple decades now, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise when it happens nowadays, such as the co-opting of black with white sole vulcanized shoes on every shoe out there, no matter how inappropriate it may look. Still, when the shit-biting comes from the world of high fashion rather than the mainstream, it’s usually a fuckin trip. Such is the case with these Golden Goose “Star Sk8″ shoes that one of our readers Peter sent us a link to.”

Check the full feature here.

The Standard New York – Hotel Review

26 March 2010, 21.06 | Posted in hotels | 2 comments »

The Standard New York – Hotel Review

I recently had the pleasure of staying 3 nights at The Standard hotel’s NY location. Perched above The Highline Park in Manhattan’s “cool if you have money but no taste slash drive a Ferrari” Meatpacking District (as evident by the Ed Hardy store across the way), The Standard boasts magnificent, sweeping views of the city through floor to ceiling windows. It’s a nice place.

The Standard New York – Hotel Review

I was lucky enough to enjoy a King Deluxe room. Described by some friends of mine as “a room designed specifically for after-party orgies” the open concept bathing area was a definite highlight for late night drunken bath/Magnolia Bakery cupcake eating sessions (hey, it was my birthday!) The selection of magazines (readable), bed (comfortable), TV (with real channels), free WiFi (which you’d think would be a no brainer in this day and age, but is often not) and bath products (Kiss My Face organic) were all appreciated on a rainy weekend.

The Standard New York – Hotel Review

Speaking of rain (monsoon?), the “free to try” umbrella was also much appreciated – while it lasted. These winds were no joke.

The Standard New York – Hotel Review

Oh and did I mention the view (looking out at Jersey here from the 15th floor)? Highly recommended.


PS – The video above plays via HD screens in the elevators. Whoa.

Geeks Love Tweaks 2010

23 March 2010, 21.24 | Posted in snowboarding | No comments »

Geeks Love Tweaks

This weekend marked the 5th (or 6th.. no one could quite figure it out) annual Geeks Love Tweaks contest in Canada’s National Capital Region. Hosted by Ottawa’s #1 skate/snow shop Top of the World, Geeks Love Tweaks is basically a yearly “dress like it’s the 80s and have a blast, cause shred season is over” jam sesh. NERF guns, vintage shred sticks and plenty of hand plants. Not to mention a shit ton of beer. As D. Ro of Tha Coop puts it, “we were having way too much fun to seriously film anything”.


Raised by Wolves own Cali Green took home the bronze in his custom RbW x Gucci jump off. There may have been some heckling for rocking a tall tee at an 80s-themed event, but you can’t deny “Gucci was big in the 80s.”

Geeks Love Tweaks

Top photo by P. Sanford.

Spring Shredding with The Wolfpack

12 March 2010, 18.32 | Posted in snowboarding | 1 comment »

The East Coast isn’t always the Ice Coast. When Spring comes around we get slush. Mont Cascades, QC (up top) and  Edelweiss, QC (below.) Check out Tha COOP and The Not So Teenage Foot Clan for more from these fine folks.


Concrete March 2010 Young Bloods – Andrew Szeto

09 March 2010, 22.09 | Posted in skateboarding | 1 comment »

Concrete March 2010 Young Bloods - Andrew Szeto

My good homie and RBW team rider Andrew Szeto got his first “check out” in the new issue of CONCRETE. Worona on the quote: “100% furious about life!” Good looks..