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Peter Williams

For Skatebors Use Only

31 March 2010, 22.12 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

For Skatebors Use Only

Friend of a friend Dan Watson runs this ill skate blog called You Will Soon. Many of you probably check it already, but you don’t… you will soon. Anyways, earlier this week I came across this ridiculous $475 “pre-skated” sneaker from a brand called Golden Goose. Duct tape and all, I forwarded it along to Dan for review. Today he went live:

“Everyone knows that as skaters, everyone’s bitin’ our shit. Skateboarding has been very influential on mainstream fashion trends for a couple decades now, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise when it happens nowadays, such as the co-opting of black with white sole vulcanized shoes on every shoe out there, no matter how inappropriate it may look. Still, when the shit-biting comes from the world of high fashion rather than the mainstream, it’s usually a fuckin trip. Such is the case with these Golden Goose “Star Sk8″ shoes that one of our readers Peter sent us a link to.”

Check the full feature here.

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