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Peter Williams

A Few Words With Busy P

29 April 2010, 18.36 | Posted in music, skateboarding | No comments »

Busy P Ottawa

I recently had the chance to interview Pedro Winter (aka Busy P), Pierre-Andre Senizergues (founder of etnies) and So Me (Ed Banger art director) for Highsnobiety. During our conference call Busy P revealed his previously undocumented (as far as I can find) Ottawa connection.

Here’s the extended edit. RC exclusive!

Pedro: Of course, we are going to party. I don’t know where you guys are living…

Nick: I can easily be in New York.

Lady: Pete lives in Ottawa.

Pedro: Oh, you are in Ottawa? I spend most of my younger holidays in Ottawa.

Pete: Really?

Pedro: My father used to live in Gatineau.

Pete: Cool, I live right across the river.

Pedro: OK. You know when I was younger, I used to go to this place to buy t-shirts called Local Motion… no, no… Rock Junction. My older brother used to bring me there.

Pete: That’s right across from a skateboard shop called Top of the World. [topoftheworld.com]

Pedro: Oh yes, I know this.

Check the full Busy P/PAS feature here, and the So Me Q & A here.

Fitted Cupcakes!

26 April 2010, 19.15 | Posted in food | 3 comments »

Cupcake Fitteds Raised by Wolves Radcollector

Cupcakes! Hanna Jo from Koreana Restaurant in Ottawa baked up a batch of fitted caps for her friend Donald’s birthday. In addition to the Raised by Wolves fitted, our friends at UNDFTD, Mishka, The Hundreds, OBEY, Alife and the MLB are also shown cupcake love. Much respect to Hanna Jo!

Mehrathon Gets Knocked Out!

23 April 2010, 20.31 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

Mehrathon KNOCKED OUT!
The homie Raj from Mehrathon (Canadian distributor of Deathwish, Shake Junt, SHUT, A#, In4mation, FUCT, Mighty Healthy, UXA, Quintin, etc.) just shot over a video of him getting straight KNOCKED OUT at the NDG bowl in Montreal. Damn!

Check the “Mehrathon Gets Knocked Out!” footage HERE.


22 April 2010, 16.47 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

Ottawa’s Wade D is rockin’ the Sidekick at The Berrics today. How ’bout them Sens…

Bonus Wade Desarmo Hardstyle edit below, courtesy of the Inhaler. Ha!

YouTube Preview Image

Nose Before Hoes & MACHOTAILDROP

19 April 2010, 16.45 | Posted in film, skateboarding | No comments »

Nose Before Hoes MACHOTAILDROP Peter Williams
If Nose Before Hoes were a Tumblr, it would be called fuckyeahfrankgerwersnose. If that doesn’t mean anything to you: it’s a photo blog dedicated to Frank Gerwer’s nose, and it’s amazing.

In related news, I recently got my hands on a copy of MACHOTAILDROP and pulled some shots of Gerwer as “Frank Nose.” Check em all after the click. Thanks Annie!

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DJ Premier – R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix

13 April 2010, 22.22 | Posted in music | No comments »

DJ Premier RIP Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix

DJ Premier pays tribute to impresario Malcom McLaren, who passed away last Thursday at sixty-four. Splicing McLaren sounds clips with a heavy dose the World Famous Supreme Team – of which Malcolm was an integral part – Premier honors McLaren’s contribution to hip-hop culture. Much respect.

Download: DJ Premier – Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix (Alternate LINK)

World Famous Supreme Team

(World Famous Supreme Team - OG Cassette Cover .. Shawn Stussy on the font)

DJ Premier Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix tracklist after the jump.

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Spencer Hamilton BANGIN!

12 April 2010, 14.38 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

A couple weeks back he was poppin Fakie Bigspins for the Trickipedia. Now Ottawa’s own Spencer Hamilton is BANGIN at The Berrics. Yeee!

Dead Snow – Norwegian Nazi Zombies!

08 April 2010, 18.06 | Posted in film | No comments »

Rad Collector Peter Williams - Dead Snow

I still haven’t seen Frozen, but at this point Norway’s Dead Snow takes it for best cold-weather horror flick of the year. Unfortunately there’s no snowboarding, but we do get a taste of extreme snowmobiling (snow-scootering? Ha. See the trailer.) Anyways, let’s get to the point: Nazi Zombies. If you like the sounds of that (it’s Evil Dead style) you won’t be disappointed.

Rad Collector Peter Williams - Dead Snow

Check the trailer below. Can’t hate on Scandinavian snow bunnies (well, unless they have dreads.)

YouTube Preview Image