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Peter Williams

Video: G20 The Battle of Toronto

28 June 2010, 18.03 | Posted in Events | No comments »
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By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the G20 and the ensuing protests that took place this past weekend in Toronto. I heard they smashed a Tim Hortons. That’s not cool.

From the film company: “Everything takes place on Saturday, June 26 2010. I got attacked by protesters for filming, so please don’t think I am glorifying or embellishing anything whatsoever. Or rather, that they want this footage up at all. Just shooting and editing what I have the lawful right to. [...] http://www.yeahfilmscompany.com is for ☮ and none of this.”

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Raised by Wolves June 2010 feat. Redman & Saukrates

21 June 2010, 22.49 | Posted in Events, music | 2 comments »

Raised by Wolves June 2010

Raised by Wolves June 2010

This past Saturday, we hosted our first Raised by Wolves night at Ritual in Ottawa, ON.

Raised by Wolves June 2010

Raised by Wolves June 2010

Raised by Wolves June 2010

Ladies danced.

Raised by Wolves June 2010

Raised by Wolves June 2010

Raised by Wolves June 2010

Homies rocked their gear.

Raised by Wolves June 2010

Raised by Wolves June 2010

And Redman and Saukrates took over the DJ booth!


Image Dump 06.18.10

19 June 2010, 02.00 | Posted in gear, photography | No comments »

Peter Williams S90
Here’s a selection of photos from my first week with the Canon S90.

PS – Exclusive Raised by Wolves tee dropping tomorrow at the event.

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Battle at the Barrics – Andrew Szeto vs Caro Farrell

17 June 2010, 23.11 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

Shot and edited by yours truly with a Canon S90. Enjoy.

Music Video: OK Go – End Love

16 June 2010, 21.44 | Posted in music | No comments »
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These dudes always do the craziest videos. OK Go’s ‘End Love’ off the album Of The Blue Colour of the Sky.

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Battle at the Barrics – Mitch Barrette vs. Matt Canadien

14 June 2010, 17.47 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »
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Mitch B covers Concrete July 2010 at “The Rock” and takes Round 1 of Battle at the Barrics against Matt Canadien. G’yeah.

Glacial relic // cover photo and caption Josh Hotz

Video: THINK 2010 Promo

10 June 2010, 16.29 | Posted in snowboarding | 1 comment »

Lee Yankou holds it down for Canada! (3:46 and on) Full length THINK video in 2011.

Video: Apple iPhone 4 with Jane Lynch

08 June 2010, 16.23 | Posted in gear | 2 comments »

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Actress Jane Lynch (Party Down/Glee) is the “PC” in this iPhone 4 spot from Take180.com. Ha!

Machotaildrop – Film Review

05 June 2010, 19.31 | Posted in film | No comments »

Machotaildrop Dose.ca

The folks behind Machotaildrop invited me to review their film for Dose.ca. The article went live today:

Machotaildrop is the story of a young skateboarder who realizes his dream of going pro and riding for the greatest company in the world: Machotaildrop.

That said, this isn’t your average Hollywood skate flick. First of all, viewers of a certain disposition – that is, anyone who’s ever picked up a skateboard – will be able to sit through it’s entirety and walk away with their dignity intact. Surprised? Machotaildrop avoids many of the common skate flick pitfalls through whimsical, fantastical imagery and a very light-hearted approach. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of skateboarding, alternate reality or just plain weird films, you will find pleasure in Machotaildrop.”

Read the full text here and catch the flick in your city when it rolls through. It’s worth it.

(Playing in Toronto at the Royal Theatre, June 11 to 15.)

Photo by: Leanne Peterson