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Peter Williams

Dockers Alpha Khaki Skate Test

07 September 2012, 19.19 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »
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One of the designers behind the Dockers Alpha Khaki wanted to see how they would hold up against a day of skating in San Francisco. The video above is what he came back with.

I personally wear these pants all the time. They’re as durable as denim, breath well and fit great. Recommended.

The Natives Film Series – Tim Barber

28 August 2012, 17.26 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »
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The Natives film series celebrates different individuals worldwide, begging the question – “What sets you apart from the other seven billion people in this world?” The first film spotlights New York-based photographer Tim Barber who talks about how city bridges create bottlenecks that fuel inspiring moments.

One thing that sets me apart from much of the world is being Canadian, so I’m always inspired by Canadians – such as the people behind Native Shoes – who make moves on their own terms and create noise on a global level.

Stay tuned to Native for more from this series.

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Yeezy 2 Skate Test

19 June 2012, 05.32 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Skating the Nike Air Yeezy 2.. that box is kind of rad.

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SCOOTERS – William Strobeck Skate Video

21 May 2012, 23.54 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

SC☺☺TERS by William Strobeck.


01 December 2011, 01.16 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

The Shake Junt video CHICKENBONENOWISON premiered in Montreal last night to a packed house at Foufounes!

With $3 Pabst tall cans, a miniramp best trick, free popcorn, a giant screen, and a crazy booty shaking contest it was night not to miss!

Make sure you pick up the new SHAKE JUNT video at your local skateshop!!




Word to Raj!

Converse – “Contest Carnage” – Episode One

03 August 2011, 07.09 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

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Coastal Carnage is an annual skate event, happening August 5-7 at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, CA. In this first episode of “Contest Carnage”, a four-part series about the evolution of skate contests, Tom Remillard and others talk about how skate events have progressed from the 80s to today.

The Devil’s Toy – Skateboarding in Montreal, 1966

19 July 2011, 01.31 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

“This short 1966 documentary dedicated “to all victims of intolerance” depicts the dawn of skateboarding in Montreal. A new activity frowned upon by police and adults, skateboarding gave youngsters a thrilling sensation of speed and freedom. This film – the first Canadian documentary ever made about the sport – captures the exuberance of boys and girls having the time of their lives in free-wheeling downhill locomotion.” -NFB

Mitch Barrette on DC Canada

06 April 2011, 22.14 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

DC adds Mitch Barrette to the Canadian team. “With a national cover under his belt for Concrete, Mitch is steadily climbing the ranks of Canadian skateboarding and carving out a bright future with his unique style, trick selection and positive vibe.”

Filmed & Edited by: Joel Acton, Ian Docherty, Brian Shannon, Jacquest Turner

Odd Future x The Berrics – Text Yoself Beefo Yo Wreck Yoself

11 February 2011, 20.44 | Posted in skateboarding | 1 comment »
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Tyler, The Creator is one of the most exciting things happening in hip-hop today. I’ll say it: his self-directed (!) video for “Yonkers” is the best rap video I’ve seen this year (and yes, I’ve been following Lil B, and yes I’ve seen Patience) At 19 years old, dude is already crushing it. Also, he and his crew can skate better than most rappers. Check the video above. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Swag.

New Years Dae with Daewon Song

12 January 2011, 05.46 | Posted in skateboarding | 1 comment »

New Years Dae with Daewon Song. Pow.