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Peter Williams

Mehrathon Mixtape Volume 2 (Early 90’s Skate Mix) by DJ Cosmo

26 December 2011, 18.46 | Posted in music | No comments »

The Mehrathon Mixtape is a collection of influential skateboard music from the early and mid 90’s. Assembled by DJ Cosmo, the mixtape aims at taking listeners back to an underground time in skateboarding and hip hop music where big pants and philly blunts were the norm… now available for streaming and download.. a little Christmas gift for all!

MEHRATHON MIX 2 by DJ COSMO (Early 90’s Skate Mix) by DJCosmoCA


Chad Muska

Gino Iannucci

Shane Heyl

Jim Greco

Jeff Pang

Quim Cardona

Raven Tershy

John Montessi

Nick Diamond

many others…

Mehrathon Gets Knocked Out!

23 April 2010, 20.31 | Posted in skateboarding | No comments »

Mehrathon KNOCKED OUT!
The homie Raj from Mehrathon (Canadian distributor of Deathwish, Shake Junt, SHUT, A#, In4mation, FUCT, Mighty Healthy, UXA, Quintin, etc.) just shot over a video of him getting straight KNOCKED OUT at the NDG bowl in Montreal. Damn!

Check the “Mehrathon Gets Knocked Out!” footage HERE.