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Peter Williams

Pen & Pixel x Lil Scrappy “Look At Me” T-Shirt

10 February 2011, 17.53 | Posted in gear, music | No comments »


Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name Pen & Pixel, you’re likely already a fan of their work. Simply put, Pen & Pixel is the Houston-based design firm responsible for most of Cash Money and No Limit Records’ most memorable album covers of the late 90s. You know, that unforgettable blinged-out Southern rap artwork? That’s Pen & Pixel. And although Lil Scrappy peaked in 2004 with his first single “No Problem“, we’ve got to show love for the kid right here. Calling on Pen & Pixel to design your cover art in 2011 is a genius move. You can pick up one of the tees here.

Bonus video – British TV personality Louis Theroux visits Pen & Pixel:

YouTube Preview Image