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Peter Williams

Tha Coop Back!

16 December 2011, 01.19 | Posted in snowboarding | No comments »

Ottawa/Gatineau pre-season shredding with Raised by Wolves and Tha Coop. Get some!

Geeks Love Tweaks 2010

23 March 2010, 21.24 | Posted in snowboarding | No comments »

Geeks Love Tweaks

This weekend marked the 5th (or 6th.. no one could quite figure it out) annual Geeks Love Tweaks contest in Canada’s National Capital Region. Hosted by Ottawa’s #1 skate/snow shop Top of the World, Geeks Love Tweaks is basically a yearly “dress like it’s the 80s and have a blast, cause shred season is over” jam sesh. NERF guns, vintage shred sticks and plenty of hand plants. Not to mention a shit ton of beer. As D. Ro of Tha Coop puts it, “we were having way too much fun to seriously film anything”.


Raised by Wolves own Cali Green took home the bronze in his custom RbW x Gucci jump off. There may have been some heckling for rocking a tall tee at an 80s-themed event, but you can’t deny “Gucci was big in the 80s.”

Geeks Love Tweaks

Top photo by P. Sanford.

Spring Shredding with The Wolfpack

12 March 2010, 18.32 | Posted in snowboarding | 1 comment »

The East Coast isn’t always the Ice Coast. When Spring comes around we get slush. Mont Cascades, QC (up top) and  Edelweiss, QC (below.) Check out Tha COOP and The Not So Teenage Foot Clan for more from these fine folks.